Friday, November 30, 2012

one WHOLE week in Hawaii

Let me just tell you this, I will forever be thankful for getting to spend my Thanksgiving in Hawaii! That place is amazing. It's so gorgeous, I could sit here and type all day that it's beautiful, but honestly, you won't be able to understand until you actually go. The first sunset was breathtaking. To roll down the window and see that you are surrounded by green palm trees and the scent of plumeria is incredibly refreshing. I was riding as I was listening to my iPod and this was just riding to the resort from the airport and I was thinking "this is AMAZING"... like almost tear jerking, beauty that you aren't used to in Oklahoma. Although, I have seen some pretty Oklahoma sunsets and storms in my day. It is all beautiful, it was just a beautiful I hadn't ever seen. ... oh hey did I mention it was pretty there?!?

The first day we all got to the resort and I started mixing our signature drink of the day. When in Hawaii, you must mix blue Hawaiians... well that was my philosophy that day anyway. Let me just ask you readers if you know what a blue Hawaiian consists of? no? Well, let me share: Vodka, Rum, Sweet & Sour and Blue Hawaiian mix...  And don't kid yourself that blue Hawaiian will knock you on your ass. We decided to have a relaxing beach day on day one. We changed into our swimsuits, caked on the sunscreen (if you go, DO THIS, because if you don't, you will have no earthly idea how bad your skin is being exposed to sun because of the perfect temperatures), grabbed our blue Hawaiian pitcher and got our beach on. Talk about stoppin' a person in their tracks, so we are walking to the edge of the resort and we get our first real look of Poipu Beach and we just stood there and ewe'd and aww'd. Then ofcourse, we got our feet in the sand and very timidly made our way to wade in the water. Surprisingly, it wasn't too terribly cold, and it was quite perfect. What else was I expecting?!?  We went up for a pitcher refill and then grabbed mawmaw and she walked the beach with us for a while. Travis, Paula & Mawmaw made their way back to the resort, but I held W back so we could watch our first sunset. I know I keep saying this... but it was so beautiful.

Travis, W and I decided we would check out the night scene... mind you, after 2 pitchers and lots of local beer later. Our intoxicated bodies allowed us to walk 2 beach miles to a different resort and take more shots and eat 2 orders of the best sweet potato fries in the universe. Unfortunately, our intoxicated bodies didn't allow us to use the buddy system on the way back to the resort. We all fell asleep in 3 separate places on Poipu beach.... W & I were woke up separately by the nicest security guards ever. The next morning we woke up to go find Travis and surprisingly he had made the 2 mile walk back to the resort at some point during the night. Friends, this is what happens when there are 3 people who are extremely excited to be alive... One falls asleep on someone's patio, one falls asleep on half of the beach and the other is m.i.a. but on a beach somewhere. 

Day 2... We wake up early... this actually happens every day, because of 2 reasons, all bars except the local one are only open until 11 and reason 2 time change. So basically you are forced to go to bed at a reasonable time.  Anyway, we all got our shop on! I got some little things that I thought people might like! A few things that I really wasn't sure of, and then just random little things! I was the idiot who was only a pound short of the 50 lb luggage weight limit so I wasn't able to get much to pack in my bag to bring back. We also went sight seeing on this day.We ate some Hawaiian barbecue that day too. I really can't remember much about that day! I know we did more.. I just can't quite remember. I'm pretty sure the evening was filled with more cocktails, some dancing to live music, including covers of Jack Johnson and waitresses hulaing (sp?) in a local bar.

This guy was just whippin' out crafty hats and baskets

views like this on the daily...

... not like the playgrounds around here

Day 3... Up & at it bright and early. W & I get coffee and walk the beach. We hiked the Na Pali Coast Line. Oh hey, recommendation on this adventure, don't drink and then hike (the next morning). This is no walk in the park. This hike was intense. We made our way to the deathly waves on the shore line and even gambled our lives into the powerful waves. W & Travis went further than I did, but I'm not going to lie, when they say powerful waves, they mean powerful waves. I think we all three were stupid to do that... but hey what's done is done! You only live this life once right?! RIGHT! The hike took all day. We were all worn out. Travis made some friends and went out that evening, but I fell asleep watching two broke girls... which I love that show.

just another day at work....





it should be a screen saver right?!?

Day 4... Happy Thanksgiving!!! When I'm not around my family on the holidays I always seem to wake up in a little bit of a funk because I miss them. After I zapped out of the funk and mixed pina colada's for all, we made our way to the beach. We tried out the stand up paddle board on this day. So much fun. I found myself after falling, holding onto the board for dear life and trying my hardest to hurry and get back on the board so I wasn't shark bait. It was quite hysterical. A 12 year old little girl, talked me through how to actually get up on the board, once I got it down it was fun. It's harder than it looks though! Me and the boys just beached it all dang day. It was fun! p.s. does anybody know why parents are allowing their 14 year old daughters to wear thong swimming suits? It makes me uncomfortable on so many levels. It's not a jealousy thing because I wouldn't ever wear a thong, I'm just not that confident I suppose... But come on, a 14 year old is a CHILD. I feel like I wouldn't allow my daughter to do this, I don't want some perv staring my daughters bare booty down the beach... but hey, we are all wired differently! We watched the sun set that night as we watched the Thunder game! W & I prepared the mahi mahi & salmon for Thanksgiving dinner and we passed out shortly after dinner.

Day 5... Reality is starting to sink in that we only have one more day... are you kidding? ugh! I had everyone up and made them head to the beach to take family photos at sunrise.When we get back up to our room we start to get our gear together to kayak. Kayaking, SO much fun! I am so meant to be indian, and you can see that when you put me in a funky shaped boat with no motor and hand me a paddle. This was a 1/2 day adventure. It involved hiking and kayaking. Very fun. And our guide was a pretty cool guy, very funny. He took us up the river to a jungle, we hiked the jungle in hopes to see a secret waterfall, well, we get to the waterfall, but it is just a drip... so instead we eat our packed lunches (mmmmm soggy sammiches, this is the result of letting your bf pack the lunch, he doesn't seal the ziploc, coulda killed him, I am a texture person, texture people gag when biting into soggy bread) our guide - can't seem to remember his name, played his ukulele while we took a little break. It was very peaceful(ish). Oh I almost forgot to tell you, our guide takes his 13 year old dog small fry on his kayaking/hiking adventures, so funny.

After this, we hurried back to the resort to get ready for our first Luau. It was a lot of fun! Pretty girls (and guys) in grass skirts, throwing and swallowing fire while you enjoy a free bar and the most delicious food. These hawaiians... they remind me a lot of us indians as far as their story goes. And we both have dark skin...hmmm coincidence? Regardless, this was a fun experience!

We got back and we went to Keoki's, a bar with live music... things started getting weird after this... We then stole a van (be proud dad) and went to the local bar TomKats... Now before you think I'm all gangsta grand theft auto let me explain something, the van did belong to someone in our group and the van was pratically begging us to take it for a spin. Once we got to TomKats, we noticed  the locals weren't as nice as they seem at the resorts... they aren't fond of us tourists. But hey they didn't give us a chance, meany heads. I did meet a girl from Chicago who I talked to for a little bit, made me miss my little Chicago friend. Of course that night we think we are going to sleep on the beach no matter what...Well, that's a great plan... until the sprinklers come on! I swear to you when those sprinklers came on I thought a huge storm was about to hit (thank you Oklahoma random weather) I was dreaming about a tsunami... which could be the worst thing you could dream about while sleeping on a beach!

Once we got a couple of hours a sleep and felt rejuvenated, the boys were off to Surf lessons, and I was off to spend a day snorkeling and boogie boarding... oh yes, you read that right, I'm equivalent to an eight year old in the water. I got so excited when I saw sea turtles and colorful fish that I've only seen in red lobster aquariums... I'm sorry but surfing was just too expensive to "try" so I listened to the boys stories when they got back. The story is HILARIOUS but I can't even begin to describe it to you while writing, you wouldn't get the full effect.

Best snowcone EVER

Around 5 Saturday evening it was time to kiss the beach goodbye and make our way back to Oklahoma... We were supposed to fly out of Honolulu at 10:30... this did not happen. We were stuck there until about 2:00 a.m. We slept our way back Las Vegas and when arrived around 7 a.m. we were wondering how we'd get back to Dallas because clearly with the layover we had missed our flight by a long shot. The bad news is that we'd be told we wouldn't be able to fly out of Vegas until 5:30 Sunday evening... the good news is that we'd be we wouldn't be able to fly out of VEGAS until 5:30 Sunday evening... The vacation just didn't want to let go, and to be honest, neither did we. So of course, when in Rome... We got out on the strip and started early, watched the fountains at The Bellagio  and then had some really good appetizers before heading back to Dallas. Sunday Funday!

go figure...

Monday was rough, I was working on 2 hours of sleep but all in all, it was well worth it!

If you ever get the opportunity to go to Hawaii, don't hesitate, GO! Once you get there, you will understand what I'm talking about. I wanted to stay, I want to live there, I want to be there now!

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