Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Sometimes that's just life

Life gets so busy! Wouldn't you agree? Seems like relationships tend to deal with the results of "the busy life". Conversation gets less, what was once a nice dinner and catchup conversation turns to once a week phone calls, which results in text messaging and then emailing. I feel like I've had a lot weighing on my shoulders regarding this aspect of "growing up" or should I just correct myself with uh hem getting older. I feel like there are people in our lives that will always be those types who you maybe haven't spent the good quality time that you once did before, but when you get back together it's just normal, you guys don't miss a beat and you still laugh and enjoy the company. I've been learning about the other types of people in my personal life who have become well to say the name nicely "drifters" (otherwise I just call them assholes) the ones that can't let lose while around you and enjoy the conversation you once were able to have, be positive, laugh and just down right be the way they once were because they have become so consumed in their lifestyles that they have let themselves drift so far away from their relationships that even being around the person makes you realize why you have lost touch. These are hard facts of life. I hate when it happens, but boy, does it happen. Life just likes to throw curveballs. One minute you can't see yourself not being around a person every single day and then the next you barely talk to them throughout the day, much less bond with them anymore. It's always harder when you have tried hard to get that back, be where you once were, and then, it's just not happening. Sometimes life just pulls people in opposite directions, happens all the time.

It feels like this drifter per say in my life right now isn't who they once were. Life got too stressful, they have become so sucked up in their selfishness that they have forgotten the great friendship that bonded us in the beginning. It's hard to see people like this come and go and honestly I've seen only a handful throughout the past 10 years of my life.

So weird how life can consume one person so much that they begin to forget what was once so important to them.

But hey...

Sometimes that's just life!

Since we are in November and it is the month to remember what to be thankful for, I'm reminded of how there are plenty of things in my life and drifting relationships can easily get a person down but then again I just have too much to be thankful for... I have a great job, that I can stand going to everyday, I appreciate the people I work for and with, I feel needed and appreciated enough that I don't come home and complain about how bad the workday was and again the kicker, I actually like going to said job every single day of the work week.. I have a really great family, I have this really special bond and friendship with my sister and my oldest brother, these two I can tell every detail of my life to and know without a doubt that I am not being judged about any of my feelings or actions... I have nieces and nephews that seriously make my life, they can bring a smile to my face just by being in their presence, they are all so different and each one of them so special to my heart.. I have some really great relationships, some of my girlfriends and guy friends are some of the most amazing people in this world, they inspire me to just be me and take on challenges and we are eachothers little fan club, I, sometimes, feel sorry for the other people out there in this world who don't have them as friends... I am in good health and have no medical issues causing me to be mentally or physically challenged in any way....I have a house that I have made my home, and I haven't started a house fire in the kitchen that has caused me to be without food or shelter (as i sit and pat myself on the back, go me, for not starting a fire yet) honestly I just don't have much to not be thankful for. I'm continously thankful at how lucky I was to have my mom in my life for the 16 years that I did, I thank God every single day for letting her teach me about life for as long as she could, she was the best woman I have ever known. I'm not just being partial, I promise. I hope that someday my heart is just like hers, but lets be honest, I have a lot of growing to do.

Speaking of drifters, I heard this the other day and it just keeps popping up when dealing with certain relationships right now...

"People inspire you or they drain you - choose them wisely."

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