Monday, November 5, 2012


Friday night I decided to get a little crafty. The weather wasn't too cold and W and I just took it easy. I decided to go get some strawberry champagne and some art canvas and head out to the patio. All three Sam Ahtone's in my family came over and visited while I was painting. Sometimes I just go into "i think i'm a _____ " and go with it. This weekend the fill in the blank was artist. So Friday and Saturday I took a little time to just paint some artwork to decorate our patio with.

oh yeah... i painted the fence too

Saturday evening I told W he needed to take me on a date, so we went to eat at In the Raw. Love me some sushi, hello spicy cowboy and dunwell roll, we are fans! The only downer on the date was that the hostess lost our number so we were waiting 10 minutes short of an hour before we realized "hey why have we not been seated?"... Before we left we downed a sake bombs and we were ready to have a good night. We then went to meet with some of our friends at Cousins and then headed back for dancing and foosball on the patio. I just had a really good time that night, I love when you have a good fun group of people and you can just let loose. Although, I'm gonna kick Kalhor's butt for get me dancing to Batter Up by Nelly. Told ya I let loose.

Sweet hat?... little cholo

I seriously cannot look at this picture and not laugh at W's facial expression!!!

We went to the Thunder game with Steven & Anna last night and the crowd was pretty dead but we did win free movies from Cox. Oh yeah two weeks from today I'll be in Hawaii. Crazy!

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