Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Christmas Listin'

This Christmas is already nothing like last Christmas! Never have I ever not wanted or "needed" something for Christmas... but I was thinking about it last night, and I don't really need anything, and anything I wanted as far as materialistic items has already made it's way out of my thought process... So this year I'm just going to ask for a peaceful Christmas. No crazyiness, no drama and that those I spend the Christmas holiday with will enjoy everyone's company and be pleasant! I cannot wait to have my family over for Dirty Santa and yummy food. I love laughing with my family and I'm excited to see all of the nephews and nieces. Yay Christmas!!!!!

I am excited to get all of my friends kids some gifts too! But have you noticed that everything miniature is like the cutest thing EVER?!?! 

Here are some of my favorite handmade ideas that I really like, what do you think?

Funny Boys Tshirt

Wooden iPhone (5)

Stick Horse

Personalized Princess Crown for playing dress up

Super Hero Cape

Winter Beanie

And... here are some of my MUST WATCH Christmas movies that I love seeing on t.v. around this time of year


(i don't think this is considered a 'christmas' movie but I categorize it as if it is)
And of course it would'nt feel right not watching these two around this time of the year:


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