Monday, December 3, 2012


This weekend was so good. I am so grateful for my family. My weekend started out a little different than I had expected it. I was convinced to make the best of it though. I drove to Ardmore Friday night to help my sister out with Brentli's birthday. We went to the grocery store at like 11:45 pm, friends, this is THE time to go to the store. Nobody grocery shops on a Friday night... well except we did. After that we had gifts to wrap, banners and other things to put together, and food to prep.

It seems like Saturday came early and full of tasks once it was here. Chandra and I got the room decorated and picked up last minute things. Eleven o'clock came around and we were missing a birthday girl. Dad got held up with the Christmas parade. Once she was there it was time to party!
She got lots of gifts and all of her friends were there. She ate her first cake and wasn't really sure about it. Instead of blowing out the camera she put the candle out with her finger like a badass. It was quite comical.

The main ingredient missing was sandwiches. Chandra ordered her favorite sandwiches for the party. BK has good taste, those things were delicious!
This was just 1/2 of her gifts, she got another table top full of gifts too
Love her!

BK with all of her friends... we tried to get their attention!
Chandra had the brilliant idea to let the kids help BK open her gifts so that was a fun activity... and it proves that gifts just love to open presents, regardless if they are for them or not!

Once the party was over, I made my way back to Moore. Jack and Hank came to the house and Jack and I decorated the Christmas tree. We also put up some left over Christmas lights out in the yard. Sam & I tried out the eggnog/Sailor Jerry cocktail that everyone talks about around this time of the year. It was actually better than I had thought it would taste. The rest of the evening was spent very low key and relaxing, just what I needed after the night before and day I had.

Sunday I woke up earlyish, I ran some errands and felt sluggish so I was in and out of napping and watching Christmas movies. One thing I have noticed about it being December is that having a Christmas tree and Christmas movies on all day puts you in a good mood. It makes you grateful for even having a tree and family to help you make it look pretty. Pnut & Sam (thank goodness for them) went and got my new washer. I can finally do laundry! Thank goodness, been needing to get that thing with no one willing to let me borrow their truck. The only time ever a girl should be allowed to have a truck is when it comes to moving stuff. Once they got home with the washer, we went to eat a late dinner. I got home and got into bed and watched the Katy Perry movie (yeah I did) and have now came to the conclusion I like that girl!

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  1. oh my gosh! what a cute party! i love the red polka dots! :)