Thursday, December 27, 2012

Real Quick...

Cirque Du Soleil was amazing on Friday, but I felt in a sense I should have been on drugs... I can blame the movie Knocked Up.

We can't see with out our glassssssssssssssess... but really we can't.

Speaking of Knocked Up, I have a hot date with KC to watch This is 40 and I cannot wait!

Celebrating Christmas with my family on Saturday was SO great, I miss it already. I want my family to hang out with all of the time.


The boots I have been enjoying these days with the weather...thank you Mr. Fernandez, you da best :)

Shopping at the mall on Saturday was a terrible idea.

Sunday I stayed in with W, we watched cheesy Christmas movies and ate Canes Chicken... because we are fat and it was good.

Monday, W left out early to take Brentli her Brentli-sized chair, uncle love right there!
BK in her mini chair and comfy pj's sittin' by the Christmas tree

I went to play Santa, yet, no one was available to receive gifts... weird? and boy do I give good gifts, their loss...  ; )

That evening I went to Hudson's (twice) in my sweats, then to Riverwind and I actually won. Go me!
Proof, I'm not scurred to wear sweats to the bar.
Come on baby light my fire! 

Then about 4 of us went to Dan McGuiness's and then headed home for a little freezing cold patio action.

Tuesday, Christmas, I didn't do anything, but I did pray and told God to tell Jesus happy birthday for me and asked if he could heal the pounding head ache from the over consumed wine from the evening before.

 I take that back, I ate Banana Nut Bread that my dad made, ALL day, with a side of pickles. Note to self: next time, get food before the snow, and before CHRISTMAS day. The weather had me stuck inside by myself : (, but I watched movies and relaxed, so I was just fine!!

Wednesday... hump day, it's crazy we only have 2 more days of work! Woo Hoo!

Now, to figure out what New Year's holds for me!?!?!

Hope you had a good Christmas filled with lots of love and hugs :)

p.s. we now are dog owners... I'm excited to have a running partner when the temperatures get back to normal, although, he doesn't seem to mind the cold. But man I do... brrrrrrrrrrrr

Sweet boy Shoba :)

p.s.s. My new year's resolutions are as follows:
- get a new vehicle by 2014
- run a BUNCH more
- go to Chi in May for my birthday, and Colorado for a little family vacay in July.

things are looking up these days ; )

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