Thursday, January 17, 2013

Times are changin'

Ok, so I'm on one of those health kicks lately, and I'm really hoping it will stick! I've added working out back into my weekly schedule. I started a 12 week program this week and if you want to read and be bored to death on what I'm doing then you can read up here.

Also, this past weekend, some of the girls came over to the house and with every intention of getting our Tarot cards read, we failed again. So instead we did what we are good at, we enjoyed a few cocktails and gossiped.

Saturday night, I went with Sam and Will to get a good dinner in at Red Lobster. That was followed with a food coma that had us watching Smackdown (yes, I just said that) and falling asleep at 10:30.

Sunday, we woke up and had breakfast and then W and I got groceries. My refrigerator is full of healthy foods and cabinets full of healthy munchies... however, W just had to have a tub of ice cream, good thing he didn't get a kind that I was interested in.

So yay for fitness and healthy eating... wish me luck!

(p.s. I'm having trouble trying to post photos so since I haven't figured it out yet, I guess you'll have to look at my instagram)

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