Monday, January 7, 2013

"Wii"kend fun...

This weekend was really fun! Friday W and I boomer sooner'd with our friends at the house. I made shots, (i do this often) but man I made these shots that were basically just pickle juice mixed with vodka and chilled and they were PERFECT... of course only if you like pickles. That was a late night with lots of laughs!

The next morning I wake up roughly around 9:45 and Jack & Sam are playing the Wii with intentions of finishing the "one more game" and going to grab a bite. Well I got in on the Wii action, then Trav & Will did too, and then before they knew it was 5:30 and they had still not eaten. They went to eat and then came right back for more Wii. I think we could play the wii all day. We are addicted to our Wii.

Sunday I made my way out to see Paris and Kinzi and surprise Kinzi with her stick horse, which she thought was a broom.. oh well once she figured it out she was riding that horsey around!

Last night me and a few of the girls decided we were going to get our Tarot cards read for fun and meet at the Mont. What a fun night right?!?! YES!!!! but then the dang Tarot card place was closed... HELLO, she was supposed to "know" we were coming... So that's to be continued and we are going Friday night. So I'll let you know what the reader tells me (maybe)

I got home and played more Wii until about 2 am... that was not the best idea because I'm a tired bear this morning, but hey, you only live once... or something like that!

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