Friday, February 15, 2013

Chuck E Cheese Valentines Date

Last night, I spent my usual Thursday night hanging with my best bud, Luke Wells. He's awesome first off. Anyway, so I pick him up around 6:45 from basketball practice where he surprised me with a valentine and a pink lemonade sucker. I then returned the surprising with telling him that we were going somewhere instead of hanging out at the house. He was SO excited. I'm telling you there is not really a better feeling than making a child giddy about something. It's so fun to listen to a kid guess and smile uncontrollably. We got in the car and headed north. I had called up Misty and her son Carter as well as Paris and her daughter Kinzi to meet us for some fun. We got to Chuck E Cheese, where Luke said " ahhhh man, this is my favorite place Jeri, my dad said he was going to bring me here if I ate 10 new vegetables, but I don't even have to eat vegetables now since you are bringing me here"... he is a funny boy.

We ordered a cheese pizza (didn't even eat one slice, go me, go fitness) and started to play some games. A little side story of waiting on our pizza and playing games in the meantime, if you plan to do this, you better have someone watch your table, because Chuck e Cheese is a little ghetto. Luke was thirsty so we headed back to the table to get his cup and there was a girl sitting in our booth. I thought it was a little odd at first, but then noticed she was talking to someone. Well, we got a soda and set back down on our table. We played a couple of more games and when we came back, the other plates and cups had been jacked. Pretty sure that girl sitting at our table took them and was intending on taking our pizza. So weird. I'm pretty sure she's done it before.

We got our pizza and requested more plates and the kids all got to eat. We played games until 9 pm. Talk about some tired kids and mommas (and "big kid sitter").. We were exhausted. It was such a fun night with some of the people I love and a great way to spend Valentines day.

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