Thursday, February 14, 2013

In a nutshell...


Ok, I know I am totally "that" girl right now, but I have ALWAYS loved Valentines day. I just love LOVE. It is completely normal for me to check facebook and instagram multiple times to see couples update their pictures with flowers and chocolates. It just excites me. I like that there is a day that you have to celebrate love. I mean I just think it's important to show people you love in actions that you love them everyday but who are we kidding? We get comfortable in our relationships and sometimes that mushy stuff gets shoved to the bottom of the priority list. So to have a day that basically is there to remind you of the acts of love is good for the world in my opinion. I don't think you have to have a boyfriend or girlfriend to celebrate this day, I think you should just show friends and family that you love them. Because love is good stuff.

But honestly, I'm really a hopeless romantic.

According to Urban Dictionary a HOPELESS ROMANTIC is:

This person is in love with love.They believe in fairy tales and love.They're not to be confused as stalkers or creepy because that's not what a hopeless romantic is. All hopeless romantics are idealists,the sentimental dreamers,the imaginative and the fanciful when you get to know them.They often live with rose colored glasses on.They make love look like an art form with all the romantic things they do for their special someone.
So that's me in a nutshell.
Happy Valentines Day! My plans are to surprise my handsome valentine which is Luke Hamilton Wells with a trip to Chuck e Cheese this evening! I'm excited! We are going to have SO much fun! I love that kid! What are your plans?!?

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