Monday, February 18, 2013

Live Music,Being active and saying goodbye

I had a really fun weekend! Friday I got off early, yay! (this doesn't happen often so I was pretty excited) I got home played with Shoba and then started getting ready for my night out with some fun girls. I went over to Joni's house and met up with all the girls. We made our way to the Wormy Dog where we waited for 2 hours for the Turnpike Troubadours to start their show. What a long, hot and annoying wait. Maybe I'm not patient..well, I'm not, but I wasn't the only one complaining. A few things, the Wormy Dog needs to remodel to accomadate all of the people who visit, there was a need for an opening band and three, I probably won't be going back any time soon. Yes, I'm getting old. I remember when I used to fight my way to the front and wait and hour or two to see the band, I used to drink warm beer and nothing bothered me. Another indicator of old age is seeing the guy you used to enjoy the good shows with and lovvvvvve so much, chasing tail and finding that it doesn't bother you like it used to. I used to hate if he even looked at a girl, now it's just the norm ;) . All in all, I was glad I went, but more so because I got to hang out with some fun girls.

Love when I have another reason to wear my boots

I got home that night to four boys playing some intense wii games. Pnut even pulled a muscle and was complaining the next day. They were up until 5 am and I was about to kill them for being so loud, but I let it slide because it was funny to listen to them mouth eachother.

Party Favors

Sing it Tony!
Nia & I
Saturday evening, I worked my butt off during my workout. After I got done, I went to Bill's island bar for a birthday party. Hung out with more good company that night and of course listened to Sam "sing".  It was a bit of a late night, but I had a fun time.

Love having someone who can be active with me

Nike snob

new shirt

Shoba was so excited, there was no way to get him to look at the camera



Used to run here all the time, so pretty.

Shoba was pretty popular at the dog park.

Sunday morning, I actually hung out with Will and he didn't get on my nerves ;) . He and I have been annoying the crap out of eachother because we are working through some issues. Issues we had never expected. Issues that don't really have to do anything with the relationship we as a couple have together, but issues that have to do with others and how they are acting towards the relationship we share. It is extremely tough to stay grounded when things like this come up, but fortunately for us we are working through and hoping to come out stronger in the long run. We will see, like I said it's VERY hard. So Sunday, we just said "hey, let's enjoy our day!" We loaded up the bikes, took on the trails at Lake Draper. We are determined once again that I will need a legit bicycle soon. After an hour out on the trails, we headed back to Moore, picked up Shoba to take him to some walking trails in Norman and then stopped by the dog park. We weren't sure how he would do but he did great. He was a little overwhelmed with all the other dogs at first but he started making friends towards the end. He wasn't ready to leave, but we were dying after our bike ride, run and walk.

Last night, I also got some very heart breaking news. Heaven got another great guy. My brother-in-law lost his dad. Makes me so sad to know what they are feeling. He was such a nice and funny man. He will be missed dearly, so if you are reading this, could I ask you to just pray for the family and pray that God comforts them all during this time. 

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