Monday, February 25, 2013

Music, Church & my new ride

Man Mondays aren't fun... especially when it's cold & rainy out.


This weekend was pretty legit. Friday Will & I gym'd it up and then we hung out with Sam, Hank & Jack and played the wii. Basically, we just play the 3 point contest and archery. I have yet to win any when playing with them... la la la laaaame!


Shoba get's tired just watching us play the wii

I maybe had a couple of glasses of wine contributing to my terrible wii playing...

Saturday, I woke up early because I was SO excited about my new mountain bike. But we had to take Shoba to the vet and run to get me a new drivers license, I had already lost it and it hadn't been a month..good job jk. Then W & I decided we would go get a good lunch and then go get the bicycle. ( my patience was wearing thin) I settled for Sushi Neko ("settled") ... it was so freakin' good. I got so full! Next stop, mountain bike. It was a quick transaction because it was love at first sight. I rode around the neighborhood to get used to the disc brakes.... ahhhh disc brakes, such a nice feature.

He get's SO serious in the truck, he will not look at the camera so I just have to snap a picture before he gets mad at me for trying so hard. He's funny!

Love sushi...

he loves when we have this much left over...
I was also able to get my headlight bulb replaced thanks to my brother & nephew. Thanks guys...
Ladies, if you ever need to bribe a guy to do something like this, take notes from the video below
made time to wash my car on Saturday too... go me!

Bill and Dee's

That evening after we had a good workout we decided to head to Norman to listen to some music. We stopped in to Bill & Dee's and had a cocktail while listening to a guy who played acoustic. Then we made our way over to the Pink Elephant and listened to a friend of friend playing acoustic as well. Both very talented, and it was a pretty chill evening. I was anxious to go home so the night didn't end too late.

My papa's church is so pretty!

Aunt love!
Sweet family

We love her... she's getting so big!
Our fortunes from the Chinese place my papa always eats at.

Love em all.


Oh so my bike even has an odometer, which is cool! We rode 6 miles on the bike trails so fun!


Sunday morning, I woke up thinking I was going to be late for something... That something was church, and it was in Sulphur. W got the bikes loaded up and I rushed to get ready. We were starving but on our way in no time. We even actually got to church on time. We set with Papa Harber and waited on the late people aka Chandra, Buzz & Brentli ; ) . Church was good. I know it made our day to make papa happy and spend time with him. We all went to eat after and then we went over to visit at his house after. Before we got too tired, we loaded up and headed to the park to go on a bike ride. Again... i LOVE my new bike. We got back to Moore around 6 and headed to the gym around 7 and now my legs are like j-e-l-l-o.

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