Friday, February 22, 2013

New Stuff...

So since I've been staying in lately and trying to get in shape, I've figured out I can still have fun by internet shopping... (wahh wahhh) Hello costly stuff, goodbye hard earned money. But all of the stuff I have gotten is really great. (in my opinion) Naturally I HAD to share with you some of the cute things I've found on the internet and LOVE.

Got my BK a little lace jumper for when it warms up. I can already see her in it with some pearls, she's gonna be adorable!

Got my friends son, Carter, a teepee. It actually came in yesterday and it won't fit in my car so I guess I'll have to figure out how I'm going to get it to him. Maybe should of thought about that...

Got my Keith Richards tshirt came in this week! I also got a few pairs of running shorts!

(how about this VERY generic looking photo?!?) But I got a new bible too, I'm ready for it to come in, supposed to be here next Monday or Tuesday!
and then....
Someone got me a surprise and we are picking her up tomorrow... Guess W now realizes I'm into the bike trails and I am deserving of a new NICE bicycle... cannot wait to take her out this Sunday afternoon. THANK YOU, so nice, and I am so excited!!!!

Look at her, equipped with disc brakes, 26 inch wheels, white and turquoise, ahhhhhh. So pumped!

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