Tuesday, February 12, 2013


Since it's all snowy out I decided that this would be a good time to catch you up on what's been going on for me! It's SUUUUPER interesting...

Basically, I have been doing a lot of "me" time. It's good for me. I've been working out like a girl getting ready for a wedding, there is no wedding, but I'm getting in shape for summer?!?  No, but really, I'm just getting in shape to be healthy. Although, it was really fun getting fat, I will say it's not as fun working off the fat. But if a girl wants to go through a fat stage, shoot let her... well maybe suggest that it's not the best idea, but regardless let her do what she wants. I'm a recovering foody for now. I live off of protein shakes for the most part. I mean I eat, but usually after my night workout, I fall to the bed because I'm sure I'm dyyyyyyyyyyyyyyying.

This weekend was very laid back. Friday, I went to Target after I went to the gym after work. I stayed there from 7 to 9:45, and I got only a few things. The problem is I want everything in the dang store. I pick up items and then talk myself out of them when I see something else I want and then I leave with a spatula... I didn't really get a spatula. I think I got a sweater, a vneck (because I don't have enough) and couple of little things.

Saturday morning, I woke up early, because that's kind of my thing lately. I went and met a girl named Jacqui at a Mary Kay event. I had to take a before and after picture and if Mary Kay picks me (i don't know why they wouldn't i looked like crap in my before picture) then I win $5000 to travel and $5000 towards my favorite charity. I ended up learning how to put my makeup on. I think that's the first time I've ever had anyone tell me what to do. It was pretty neat and girly of me to do. It was fun, I ended up buying some new makeup, and that will also mark a first to getting legit makeup. I usually buy bronzer from Wal Mart and Eye liner from target.

After that I went to see my friend Ashley. Ash and I worked at Bass Pro Shop together back in the day. Oh you didn't know I worked at Bass Pro Shop?!? Of course I worked there to get discounts on stuff for my boyfriend at the time and I'm pretty sure he talked me into it. But it was fun and I met a lot of fun people. Ashley being one of those fun people. She and I have been friends for 10 years now. Crazy. We try to keep in touch as much as possible, but you know life, it seems to get all busy and stuff. What I'm really fortunate about in my friendships is that even if I lose touch with some of my good friends, we always pick up where we left off. We went to the affair of the heart. Talk about going to a place that makes you feel like you are not crafty like you SHOULD be... there were so many cute things. I will say that it is hard for me to go to a place like that and buy stuff because I think to myself "oh i can do that myself" when clearly the last thing I made was a Christmas tree skirt. And I'm not really sure that "made" is even ok to say, I mean I asked the chick at hobby lobby to cut off a piece of chevron fabric and I placed it underneath my tree.... you be the judge. 

See, isn't this bedding SO cute? I'd buy it but I can make it myself... haha yeah right!

I got home and I really can't remember doing anything. I think I went straight to my room and bought an on demand movie. I know I know, I should've just went to Redbox but I always end up forgetting to take a dvd back and I end up paying $40 for a $7 dvd.

Sunday, KC came by and picked me up and we went to breakfast at IHOP with she and Sutton. Sutton is getting to be such a big girl. She's so cute. We held hands and played while Mom and I gossiped about pointless little nothings. We went for a drive around Moore and checked out her and Chad's house that they will move into in March. It was so nice to just hang out and do nothing.

Miss Sutton mean muggin' the camera
I went and worked out and then I fell asleep to the grammys.

So yeah that wraps up my weekend. It was so nice to hang with my friends and spend much needed time to myself!

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