Monday, March 11, 2013

Best Weekend in a lonnnnnnng time

Friday we did work in the gym and then came home and went to bed. I was dead tired. However, could hardly sleep due to the excitement/nervousness I was feeling for Paris. She was running her first 5k the next morning and had been nervous all week. I knew she had been doing well in her training so I wasn't worried. But like with every race I run in, I had the butterflies in my stomach nervous feelings for her.

I woke up around 5:45 on Saturday morning. I was pumped. Annoying to W I'm sure, but super excited for Paris. We had texted back and forth all morning until meeting up at 7:30. I got there and we did some pre race stretches and split a banana. It was like my body thought I was going to race, but my mind knew this was her race and this was her time and I needed to be there to support her. I think my body just naturally goes into race mode when I'm up that early on a Saturday morning. With fast paced music ,people walking around in tights and tennis shoes, if you are a runner, you just wanna get out there . Can I just say that I AM SO PROUD of my friend. Hard work pays off. You train hard, you race dirty. You get shit done in the race. It was super fun running to different mile marks and cheering her on. I can't tell you enough, that when you have a fan, you do better. I am lucky and have my dad, my brother and my bf cheering me on almost every race and I hate it when they can't make it. It's essential for them to be there. I love and look forward to it.  So being her fan and knowing what she was feeling coming around the corner and seeing someone telling her good job. She ended up getting 3rd in her division. I'm telling you, hard work pays off.

After the race, we went to breakfast at Syrup and it was delicious. I think we both had 2 lattes (skinny of course) and enjoyed our breakfast over good conversation.


We parted ways and it was time for me to get home and get my morning (that turned into afternoon) run. It started to drizzle while I was running which isn't the coolest part of the run, unless it's hot out. So once I was finished with my run I was cold and tired. But that (AWESOME) boyfriend of mine had booked a couples massage for us. Best thing ever. The chick I had talked to me the entire time and I'm pretty sure we could be best friends in real life. She spent a good 45 minutes on my legs and I was so happy. My muscles have been so tight from running! I didn't want to leave. Thank God (and boyfriend) for the hour and 1/2 massage. So good!

He then took me to sushi! Our fave. Then we went and had a couple of drinks and played ping pong. We called up Steven and Anna and they met up with us. Before to long we made our way to Tony and Amy's house for Amy's birthday party. That got cut a little early and I went and picked up Jack. Once we were home, there was a mini wii tournament but I was tired so I was out quick. Sunday was very chill. We went to Iguana Grill and then I wanted to watch the Oz: The Great and Powerful movie but W said nope... bummer. So I slept the day away, I was SO tired.

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