Thursday, March 28, 2013

Can I just say...

1) It's gorgeous outside today

2) I love how my refrigerator is filled with my best friends kiddos.

3) That there should be a rubber band that gets shot directly into my eyeball when I attempt to try and make amends with people who continually want to have nothing to do with me.

4) I have a running injury and it sucks butt. Running is my stress reliever it is what I do when I'm feeling emotionally overwhelmed and I just get out there and take on the road, buttttt I can't. Lame sauce.

5) I love Brandi's (from the real housewives of Beverly hills) book! I read 100 pages last night and before thought, "oh I'll just read the first chapter" uhh yeah right!

6) I am SO ready to see my little Easter bunny of a niece this weekend and of course the rest of my family ;)

7) Lean Cuisine makes this "dinner" and it's called chicken lo mein or some crap and it is AWFUL! I don't care out how good it looks, don't be deceived like I was.

8) The picture below sums up my weekend last weekend... sick as a dog!

9) I am in a baking mood but I'm too scared to bake anything tonight because I have a feeling I'd eat it all tomorrow.

10) Last week Paris and I were supposed to go to a wine and pallet and the art teacher was a total jerk, so we ended up having a girl time. I love that girl!

it's like we said "wine & shot" not pallet, bunch of boo shhhhh if you ask me :)

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  1. I'm supes offended I didn't get an Easter card from Sutton... what. the. heck.