Thursday, March 14, 2013

Get on my level...

When I say that, I am in no way saying, I'm the shhh, but what I am saying is get on my level of excitement, which is reeeeeeally freakin' excited! Yesterday was my last run of the week until my race Saturday. I checked out the results of girls in my age group from last years race and lets just say my goal is not to place with those girls. They were flying! I have set my own goal as far has how long I want it to take me to run an 8k (4.97 miles). Maybe I could finish it in 45 minutes, that's like 9 minute miles. I'd like to do WAY better than that. It's always hard for me to set a personal goal on my first timed road race of the year. I've looked up some past results and I know what I'm capable of but man I'm not sure my body is quite where it used to be just yet.

So I went and loaded up on more running and workout gear on my lunch break today. New stuff always motivates me a little more. Anyway, I'm excited and ready, and excited about eating a TON of carbs tomorrow : )! Wish me luck!

 oh hi dirty mirror, maybe we should clean you some time over the weekend...
Notice that hill torwards the end of my run, it is pure torture, but I smile SO big when I get over it!

Nike snob much? oh yeah, just a smidge. I got some green to wear for my race Saturday too! Notice the soles for my shoes... I've got some serious shin splints these days... hoping these bad boys help me out!

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