Thursday, March 21, 2013

Happiest Hump Day

Last night was SO much fun. I will forever be thankful to W for taking me to see The Wallflowers and the legend Eric Clapton. I loved it. I seriously could watch that man jam all day. I feel like when you are watching him play you get so captivated (whoa big word for me) and you are just lost in it all.

So before that AMAZING concert, we met up with Sudie, Steve, Daniel, Alicia, Steven and Anna (say that 5 times fast) at the Biting Sow. We enjoyed a couple of drinks and live music. Can I just say that I love hanging out with my mom's best friends. I always feel a little connected to my mom when that happens. I laughed and played catch up with Sudie all evening. We had some heart to hearts and reminiscing about mom and I just really enjoy her company. We also danced some. Anyway, all in all a great night thanks to a great man who made it happen. Thanks Babertz!

So many people there. Terrible picture quality. YOUR WELCOME

the shirt I was after and never got... well dang.
smooch break.

 We like using props in our pictures... Love Steve!

Dancing Machines! Love this lady!

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