Monday, March 4, 2013

Low key girls night, Glow Run 5k and Sickness

Friday night at the gym, I went to spend a low key girls night with KC, Tosha & little Sutton. I felt like making dinner so I cooked for them and we watched desperate housewives. It was just a laid back/low key night. I got home around 10:30 and got in bed because I was SO tired. But I did enjoy sipping on some pickle juice and hanging with my dog before I fell asleep though.

Shoba & Me enjoying late night snack time

Saturday morning, Wills and I went and had breakfast. I think going out to breakfast is one of my favorite things about the weekends. Even if I am making myself not eat the unhealthy breakfast choices. After we ran some errands, I rested up for my race that night and we started a game of monopoly.

look at my little pansy weight lifting callus haha.

good read in the ol'e bible over the weekend.

Monopoly... i really like this game! I do, however, realize how much my brothers and sister changed the rules of the game since I've started playing as an adult.

Watched this documentary over the weekend...

Wills started my second scarf rack, thanks!!!

Five o'clock came around, I got a protein shake in, and then made my way to meet Paris and Melissa. We ran the glow run 5k and I had SO much fun. I wish all courses were a mystery like that. You have no idea how much more you have to run (unless you are tracking your mileage) and the music and glowing lights are you way of getting the job done. So much fun, I'll say it again... Wills waited with a beer in hand, thank goodness for iced cold beer at the finish line, I assure you, a beer tastes 10 times better after a run than a water does.

Giant me and itty bitty Paris

Right before the race began

mean muggin'

The cutest metals ever!

We went and caught some live music at Dan McGuiness Pub but that scene was a little lame, so I made Wills tab out. Sam, Wills and I went home and played Wii.

this is how much fun I was having at the bar... I was making faces with the glow jewelry

He was having fun!

he was tired...

Sunday I woke up sick...that's what I get for running in cold weather. I wasn't surprised at all. Went to breakfast with Sam & Wills. And I pretty much rested the entire day. I HATE being sick... but it's gonna suck doing legs today with a gym full of people. Monday = my least favorite day at the gym : /

so... um yeah I have a CVS card ; )


  1. how was the documentary? I'm intrigued!

  2. I liked it, definitely makes you think... I am the worlds worst about buying trash mags and then I started to feel bad about being so intrigued about certain subjects. Just little stuff I didn't know about how tough it is on some celebrities as far as just normal day living. I mean I think that when you are famous you have to expect some overwhelming situations when it comes to the papparazzi but at the same time by the end of the movie I felt a little bad for what they have to go through on the daily just by trying to make a quick coffee run ya know?!?