Tuesday, March 19, 2013

St. Pattys Weekend

Friday was very laid back for me and the ole ball & chain. We worked out (again) and went and had dinner on the patio at Pei Wei. The weather was beautiful! I always say this but man I feel like I lucked out with this guy. He's pretty great!

Saturday morning I was up early. Pre race jitters wake me up every time. We went to breakfast and I was feeling different than I usually do. I was definitely anxious but when the race started I just wasn't there. I mean I was there but just not. I think I knew it was gonna be tough because the wind on Hefner is intense. Did you know that Lake Hefner is one of the top places in the country to sail? Maybe that gives you an idea of how windy it can get. I think when you haven't done great personally when running at a certain place and you know what to expect it's harder to get ready and pumped about it. I was very excited about getting out there in general though. And my time at the beginning reflects that. However, my finishing pace time reflects how much I was ready to be finished too. Regardless, I can't sit here and beat myself up about it. I finished in the top ten, I worked hard, but there is room for improvement. (always)

Feeling like death...so tired, it hurt to smile.

After the race we enjoyed green beer and then went over to Mike & Katy's house. I seriously LOVE that family. I always have so much fun! Steven and I stayed up too late (early) singing 90's hits, because we are cool like that.

Sunday, Paris and I went to the movies to watch the Oz movie. We went to the bar before and ordered Peter Parkers... but really they are 32oz liquor drinks and we laughed SO much. We felt SUPER cool. Peter Parker crunk... ok I'm stopping there!

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  1. How was the movie? David and I talked about watching it..