Friday, March 15, 2013

Stroll in the park

Can I just say that this weather is freakin' AMAZING!?! My boss asked me this morning what I was doing this weekend and I said " i'm gonna get out and run, ride bikes and just be outside"... he told me that I sounded like a little kid who just wanted to get out and play. (funny 'cause it's truuuue)

... Speaking of good weather and kids, last night, Luke, Shoba, Will and I loaded up the G6 (the car not the jet) and met KC & Sutton for a little stroll in the park.
Ok so:
1) I love KC
2) KC loves Sutton
3) Sutton loves Shoba
4) Shoba loves Luke
5) Luke loves Will
6) Will loves ME

lots of love up in here!

We took a lap around the park, then we climbed the rock wall and did a little swinging. This weather is gorgeous and I love hanging with some of my friends on a nice day. Doesn't get much better than a day like that...

 This one LOVES car rides

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