Monday, April 15, 2013

Boston Race Day news

Today's news was so sad. I had the baa website minimized most of the morning and afternoon to follow Kara Goucher & Shalane Flanagan's time and placing. i had read a great article in my runners magazine just two weeks ago about how they used to be competitors but now they are teammates yet would be running against each other again today. They train together and have become best friends. Shalane came in 4th place with a time of 2:27 08 while Kara came in 6th with a time of 2:28 11, their times are amazing, shoot, they are amazing. When I googled Boston marathon again as I had been doing throughout the day when I didn't have it minimized, I was heartbroken and couldn't believe my eyes when I read explosions at finish line. I squinted my eyes to make sure I read the news correctly, sure enough, it said that the news had been updated within 4 minutes of me googling the marathon.
I am praying for everyone who had to endure such a horrible experience. Whether you are a runner or you aren't, i will say from experience, going to run a marathon, from the time you start,you feel excited, anxious & relieved that your hard work in training is being put to the test and you are finally about to accomplish such a big moment in your life. You live for the minute you see a family member or friend at a mile mark and especially look forward to meeting them at the finish when you are tired, sore and it hurts to force a smile. I sit here and just cannot imagine. So heartbreaking that some runners race day experience was overshadowed with such evil from some one who decided to place bombs at the finish. I pray for all of the runners, volunteers and spectators who were a part of today. You guys are all in my heart.

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