Friday, April 12, 2013

It's Official..

I'm down 26 lbs... fourteen more to go until I'm back to the weight and size I like to be. Then it's gonna be tone muscle central. I'm proud of myself. Go me! It's been hard work and even harder this week because I took the week off from running so I've had to find other types of cardio. Hoping to get a run in over the weekend and hoping that my leg has been healed after the time off it's had. Now, I think I deserve a cupcake or something... Maybe I'll settle for some wine tonight, we'll see.

seriously need to rethink not wearing eyeliner, I look so tired in this picture
sorry my room is NEVER clean in these full body length photos, I thoroughly enjoy sleep, so more sleep, less cleaning the room.

Happy because I'm finally seeing that my hard work is paying off!

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