Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Things you should know about me if we are going to be BFF's

I am not good at sugar coating the truth and I will hurt your feelings at least once throughout our friendship. It will not be intentional and there's a good chance I won't even know that I did so I'll apologize for my actions but it will take a while for a light bulb to go off and say "hey maybe this person isn't happy with you"... then the ball will get rolling and things will be better for us as friends.

I am THE WORST at talking on the phone. Anyone who is my friend now, knows that I prefer emailing or text messaging. But honestly, sometimes texting even gets old to me. If we are going to talk on the phone it will be a get to the point conversation. What people don't probably understand is that when i AM talking to you on the phone I am most likely distracted with something. I'm listening but I'll never claim to be the best listener. So I feel like that isn't completely fair to the other person on the end of the phone, but I can't control it or I would I promise.

I am probably friends with someone you don't like. I get along with a ton of people. Nice girls, mean girls, crazy people, rich people, poor people, funny people, not so funny people, realistic people, not so realistic people, I could go on. So if you aren't a big fan of someone who is my friend, if you talk about them to me, I will let you speak your opinion but you won't find me agreeing.

I'm NOT a hugger. Hugs are awkward to me. I'm a little claustrophobic and although we may know each other personally, I feel like hugs are extra personal so I just get really awkward.. like do I pat you? Do I bring it in for a bear hug which never happens. I only hug boys that I care about it seems like. And if it's a boy that I don't normally hug that goes to hug me then it's REAL weird. I will hug you if I haven't seen you in a while if you reach in for the hug but I won't be the one going in for it.

My favorite candy is anything fruity or chewy. For example, gummy worms, peachy penguins (sold at the candy basket in Norman, my fave) sour patch kids, life saver gummies, chewy runts, airheads and watermelon laffy taffy... just to name a few.

My favorite friend date is dinner and cocktails.

I won't be the girl who will "want" to go out and spend my money on getting our nails done together. I can't seem to justify spending $35-50 on nail polish. I mean I am completely capable of doing my own nails with $1.00 nail polish and spending a little more time on them if I want them to look real good. Plus I'm a runner and getting a pedi is such a waste of my time and money. However, I do make exceptions...your wedding, I will go get my nails done for your wedding and that's about it.

If I borrow an item of clothing from you, don't expect to get it back for a month. I have a terrible memory and chances are, I will forget that I even borrowed it the day after I wore it.

I'm almost always available to meet for drinks or lunch, so if you ever just need some venting/bonding time, you can count on me to meet you over cocktails or food.

If you tell me a secret you don't want anyone else knowing. I won't tell anyone, until you say it's ok to do so.

I'm a terrible liar so I'll never lie to you.

I get carsick when other people drive so I will generally offer to drive anywhere we go, hey you save gas and don't have to drive, I see that as a win/win.

I will tell you the truth about an outfit you are debating on wearing. If I think it's cute, I'll let you know, unfortunately, if it's ugg I'll let you know that too.

If I see something out shopping that reminds me of you, I'll most likely get it for you if I have money in tha bank (shorty whatcha drank). However, there's no guarantee on when I'll give it to you because again, I'm forgetful, so I'll most likely put it somewhere and give it to you months after purchasing it for you.

If you have guy problems, I promise you I've lived through them all it seems. So I will be able to understand your feelings in situations and I will be your number one fan in whatever choice you make in your love life that makes YOU happy.

Oh and I'm ALWAYS late to events... don't expect me to be early, but when I get there we'll have a fun time I assure you!

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