Monday, April 8, 2013

Weekend happenins

I want to write a short little story about my weekend, but in a nutshell it was pretty laid back. Since Shoba just had surgery, we have been trying to stay in with him and monitor his recovery as much as we can. However, we found some time to enjoy each others company as well. We worked out together Friday night before settling in to split some wheatgrass juice and something to watch on television. I have had to ice my leg because running is no longer an easy task... there's a good chance I am injured worst than I had originally thought, so running on an injury was the worst idea I've had in the past couple of weeks.

Notice the left leg is a little bigger than the right... OUCH!

note to self: when injured, don't read motivating stories about running when icing your leg, you can't run anytime soon, so why tease yourself? haha

Saturday, we got an early start. We managed to have the mountain bikes loaded up early and got in a 6 mile tail ride. I'm trying to learn new methods of cardio to stay in shape because I'm a little scared my running days are getting close to an end. Or maybe I should say my long distance running days. I could be wrong and I do like to think the worst so maybe after a doctor tells me so I shouldn't jump to conclusions. It will be a side day when a doctor tells me that I can only run a max of 2 miles. I hope that NEVER happens. Until then I'm trying to strengthen and keep a healthy lifestyle and attitude. It's just hard when I love running as much as I do.


After the bike ride, I hung out with Shoba on the porch waiting for too long on W to get home so that we could go to a bbq. Well that never happened and I was really upset with him. But I guess, crap happens and I live with the punk so I can't stay mad too long. But I was mad for at least 3 hours and that seemed sufficient.

Sunday morning we woke up and got Shoba ready to visit the Medieval Fair. Can I just say that if you have a dog that looks anything like a wolf, it's really not a good idea to take it to a fair that have a bajillion of people who think that wolves are the coolest animals on the planets. I was in search for something really cool, like a ring, I always get rings at fairs and we couldn't go to a booth without having to let someone pet our dog for a minimum of 8 minutes. I'm just sayin' I was a girl on the verge of having a menstrual inflicted anxiety/crazy annoyed bitch attack... I just can't deal with having to stop and being friendly every other second like that. (I don't know if you saw the key word menstrual - if that helps you with my terrible attitude) After I had enough with the fair and the three booths I got to stop at, I was ready to be anywhere but there. Can't a girl just go find another ring she doesn't needs and people watch?!? ummm nope, not when you take your pet wolf with you, thanks a lot Shoba ;)

These are the two pictures I sent to Amber so she knew what I was looking for  as far as my hair length and color goes. I'd say she was right on!
Before.. longer (stringier) and not as much blonde in it...

After... shorter (healthier) and more blonde. oh and hello middle part

Why so serious?


Too bad not serious enough to beat me ;)

Chive socks over my skinnys that's how I roll bowl.

After the fair I went and got my hair did. I am almost positive I'm going through a mid life crisis at 27 and feel the need to do something extreme to my hair. (well for my boring, simple, routine look) I sent my hair lady a picture of what I wanted, and she's pretty much awesome because she made it happen. Thanks Amby! When I got home, Will and his brother had decided to cut their hair too. So um now my boyfriend is bald. We decided to go bowling and then I watched W eat a $35 steak after... that's right, watched him eat. I'm doing a detox cleanse so I can't really eat much, and by much I mean anything that is not a liquid. I will be off of it on Friday, so far so good.

Hi I love my new healthy looking hair...

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