Monday, April 15, 2013

Weekend Pictures

These three guys...

drum practice

before the dance party in the living room, my living room is a dance studio
love em.

 look at Will hahaa.
she's one of my favorites!

Typical pnut

Deep thoughts at the bar... oh and frozen jack and cokes


lose 26 lbs, get more than one option on a drinking day.

I want one of these mirrors for my room
Chimmy's Lunch time

Hangout at the red and white game on Saturday

 New shirt from Fuzzy's tacos... YUM!
I actually thought I could eat all four of these tacos...not a chance.

Sunday Project... sweet ass patio table, I know I come up with great ideas! ;) - obviously i'm a little loud and proud about this project... it took a LONG time, so I have every right to be.

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