Monday, April 22, 2013

Weekend with my sweet family

Friday night after some super crazy anxiety of trying to be off of work by a certain time and my sister having to deal with bricktown crazies not letting her park, we FINALLY made it to the wine & palette art studio for some fun. First off, my sister kicks ass. She is a legit crafty individual. Me...not so much, I'm more like Andy Warhol ; ) ....

 This is what our finishing product was supposed to look like....
 Masterpiece's in progress....
 A little Onamonapia action....
My sister is awesome, she was the only one who painted two guns!
We went home that night and got some good grubb, thank you sister for loving Cane's chicken. I've missed it.

We matched with our Beatles shirts and navy chucks

Shopping for a new hat

I brush my own hair da-da

Saturday morning, we all got up and tried to decide what we'd do...that's always tough with indecisive people. We undecided ourselves hungry and ended up meeting Sam and Jack at McAlister's. Where we set and visited for a couple of hours. After, me and BK took an hour nap. I love that little girl. We woke up and then we all went to the Outlet mall. I purchased me some moccasins, and I love them. After, we all went for dinner and then W & I headed to Mike and Katy's for their wine tasting house party. Unfortunately, I had maybe 2 glasses of wine. I was feeling very sick and ended up cuddling myself up on the couch for 6 hours before leaving early yesterday morning. I love going up there, I just wish I had felt much better.

Sunday, we had every intention of going to Life Church, but BK was the only one ready. - told you she was somethin' perfect. We all decided to go to the memorial museum downtown. I had never been to the museum and I thought it did a really good job of making you more knowledgeable about the day that the bombing happened. It actually motivates me to run harder this Sunday. ( oh sidenote:  on Sunday I also taught Brentli how to stick her tongue out hahaha, it's hilarious) We eventually said our goodbyes :( Once I was home, I'm pretty sure I got in bed by 8 and slept until the morning. Rest was what my sinus infection needed, feeling a little more refreshed today, not 100 % but a good 78%. 

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