Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Glimpse of my weekend happenings

After my gym session on Friday night, Shoba and I stayed in for the night. Wills decided he was gonna go to a Jimmy Buffet concert and had invited me but I was out on that idea. Not a fan of cheesy music I guess. (neither is Shoba) I watched another documentary and then fell asleep fairly early. Shoba definitely missed his dad, his dad plays hard with him, but I don't. Do you know what the wolf's bite force is?!?! If not, look it up and then you'll know why I don't play with him and let him "love" bite me. 

Saturday morning I woke up early and headed to watch KC run a 5k at the park. She did great and I had fun trying to figure out the map and run around to find her. I ran the last qtr of a mile with her and then watched her finish strong. After that, we went and had breakfast at Jimmy's egg and gossipped about nothing.

I think I'll be sad if my kid isn't a runner. I love the running kiddos at the races!
KC got 3rd Place!!
After being super sad that I can't run any races or train yet I went back to the gym and got a morning workout in. I'm injured, counting down the weeks though, 5 more!

After I got done at the gym, I went home and hung out with Shoba before I ventured south on i-35. I went down to Ardmore and hung out with BK and her bestie Parker. We all went to eat that evening and then my sister and I got a little crafty with paint.

And then as I was holding these  two girls, I realized how having twins might really be... and i STILL want twins.
The beginning of my skull painting for my skull lovin' boyfriends.
Later that night, I met up with the other bestie Adam and some of the creek gang and had a few drinks. Since I got out so late, I was pretty much the last man standing but Jaime came back home and kept me company for a few hours. We had planned to have a game day on Sunday, but none of  us really went through with out plans. I reunited with the bf and we went and hung out with BK. We love her SO much.  

They are the cutest right?!!?

So I get back to Moore and realize I want to go on a hot air baloon.... puh puh puh please!?!

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