Thursday, June 13, 2013

And there you have it..

I've been talking with my friend KC about running another marathon. ( i know, i'm nuts, don't kid yourself) She got in on it and she is going to do a half. We are SO excited about heading to Malibu in November and running our hearts out. Even though I had been talking and researching more marathon information it didn't feel legit until this morning when I clicked REGISTER and spent my hard earned dollars. My training begins on the 8th of July, which is less then a month eek. I got butterflies when I registered this morning, I love this running thing. I'm sure I'll be a little annoying in the future months as I share my ups and downs of running experiences. But the goal is to do a LOT better than my first marathon and take it a lot a more serious. I mean, let's be honest, I'm not a rookie anymore and I've already learned from my first marry. I plan on doing a bunch of things differently. I've purchased my training log, printed out multiple copies of my training schedule, I'll be purchasing not one but two pairs of shoes that will be strictly running shoes, I am going to change my diet to help with my high mileage that I will be taking on and I'll be saying no to weekends full of alcohol and smoking. Hey, these stems aren't gonna run forever, but by the time I'm 29, I'll have marathon number 2 accomplished.

Until then... I'll be enjoying the next few weekends filling my lungs with smoke and stomach with club specials.. cheers!

I cannot freakin' wait!!!!! - actually I can for today anyway, I'll have plenty of running to do so I'm enjoying my weight and cross training and 28 year old social life... or what's left of it ; )

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