Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Family time, Camping in the woods and Moore Love

On the 21st of May, as I was lying in my bed wide awake at 3 am, I stumbled upon a 5k called Moore Love. You guys know I love me some 5ks so I signed up because I am now clear to run. (thanks doctor) All of the money went 100% to the people in Moore affected by the tornado. So this past Friday when I got off of work, I jumped in the car with Paris and Kinzi and we headed to Hefner to meet KC, Chad and Sutton. It was an awesome thing. They had originally expected maybe 500 participants... but guess what? They ended up having 2000 people show up and there were still people registering when we were walking up to the start line. We didn't really run much to be honest, it was so crowded. We pushed Kinzi and told ghost stories. I don't know why, because we are cool like that. Chad and KC ran with Sutton and we all hung out after the race for a little bit and chatted.


Saturday morning, I took Shoba on a run to see if the little guy could hang. He didn't do bad, but he gets hot easily. I wish so bad I could have a running dog. Oh wells. He made it. It was hot, I mean I was even huffing and puffing (and blowing peoples houses down) by the end. The Oklahoma heat is here. I want a pool. I'm rambling a little... sorry. So after the run, we loaded up the truck with Shoba in tow and headed to the Harber family reunion. It was fun, but we missed out on the food because we were TWO hours late... geez. - my fault of course. I just can't seem to figure out this timing stuff.

After the reunion, we went and set up camp. My sister, brother, brother-in-law, nieces and cousins came and hung out with us that evening. We had a lot of fun. As soon as they left it was just me and Will and his iPod that only plays the SAME songs. I could tell it was going to rain and W's phone kept saying that it wouldn't get to our area until the morning. However, my native american senses knew better. I told W it was getting closer so I went to bed. He tarped up the tent and not two minutes after it was tarped, the rain poured down.

BK just hanging out with the big girls

My baggo partner... we aren't the best


Bean bag got stuck on the roof of the pavillion, oopsy daisy

Stinky Ahtone feets

Can't get over how cute this picture is
or this one...

Shoba let me take a picture with you(r butt)

Paw prints in the sand..

The next morning we went and had breakfast in town. Sulphur only has three places open for breakfast. McDonalds, Braums or Sonic, take your pick. I wanted a good ol'e fashioned diner. Oh wells, I got down on some biscuits and gravy from Braums. We went back to camp and went swimming with our dog. We got out of town around 2 because we couldn't find anyone to watch Shoba, we were trying to meet Adam and Jaime at a concert, but we didn't have any luck. : (  Sunday evening we went out for Sushi and then called it a night after the Real Housewives. haha I MADE W watch that lady drama... sorry. (i'm not sorry)

SO good

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