Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Ketchup time

Wow, do i have a TON to write about. And it seems so eventful but really, remember, I'm about to squish a lot of information into one story.

Dave Matthews Band this year... money! I rode down with Jaime, Adam and Melinda. Jaime is Adam's main squeeze, Melinda is Jaime's momma. I love both of them already. Such a good ride down talking about nothing and laughing a lot. Once we got to Texas, we had some pizza and cocktails before the concert. We then went and met up with W and the crew he rode down with, we played baggo and drank some more cocktails. Gates opened, and W and I had such a good time singing, dancing and stomping in the mud. The night after was annoying but a little expected. Thank goodness I can fall asleep in the front seat of the car.

I've learned when there are bubbly clouds around...storms aren't going to be friendly

Working with guys...this is normal

a shot of a house in my neighbor hood

 This was what it looked like in all of the streets around our neighborhood.

Living with no electricity,no hot water, and early night home lock downs due to looters. Regardless, lucky and thankful.  
Go to Home Depot, people threw a bag full of foods that didn't require refrigeration, very thoughtful people.
Ok, so as you have probably read about in the newspapers, magazines and internet, there was a monster of a tornado in my current home town of Moore, Oklahoma. That's how my beginning of the week started two Mondays ago. You know, you get up for work every day and it's just the same routine. But this day I woke up, drove to work, I was in a really good mood for some reason. I went to work knowing that we'd be crazy busy due to a hail storm the evening before and so I was actually on time. I took a short lunch due to being busy and then once back to work kept an eye on the "Oklahoma May" weather. For those of you reading who don't know what I do, I work for one of the best guys I know at an automobile paint and body shop that he opened when he was 20 years old. I deal with the customers, I take care of the payroll and all of the accounting as well. One of my "duties" is to keep an eye on the weather via internet since I am in front of a computer all day. This is to make sure that I can let the guys know when it's about to hail so that we can pull in all the cars into the shop. On that Monday, I watched it throughout the day, and did see a chance of a tornado, big whoop, I live in Oklahoma, what's new?... Around 2:35, the guys started moving in the cars. The rain has started getting heavier and the sky was VERY dark. It was dark mostly towards my neck of the woods. I work 9 miles from my job, so I can generally see if its raining or storming around my area. The Norman sirens went off about 10 minutes later. I work with guys, they love this stuff. One was standing on the huge garbage can we have, two had gotten in the truck and started towards the "tornado" and I stood inside the shop watching an iPad with our detailer. I started to worry and get very anxious when they said that a tornado had touched down off of 19th street. I live off of Santa Fe and 19th street, don't get me wrong, I knew when I moved to Moore, that this was "tornado alley" and so I have always known that this is a target area for storms like these. I had enough when I heard that it was that close. I started to shake a little and told the guys that I thought that I would try and get home and check on my dog. As I got closer and closer I had been trying to call W to see where he was, on the radio, I heard that the tornado was headed towards 35. The last I heard from W he had said he was on 35. Once I made it to a mile and 1/2 from my home I was stuck in a line of long traffic. This is not normal in everyday life. I hate traffic and take back roads every single day and can get to my job in 9 minutes. This day as I got closer, people were putting their vehicles in park and running towards my neighborhood. Somehow I made it home, with my car, without getting a flat tire. I cannot properly put into words what I witnessed that day. But I know that it changed my heart. We were extremely lucky to have our home still standing and our dog still in our back yard. Shoba was (is) still shook up from the experience. I had some people in my neighborhood to check on. Phone service was shifty and to be honest my life was different. If I could compare what it visibly looked like, I'd say it would be comparable to a warzone. It was the saddest thing I've ever seen. I think that day May 20th, will hold a very special place in my heart forever. Like I said, my life changed that day, my perspective changed that day and my heart changed that day. Be thankful for what you have, because in only a few minutes, it could all be taken away from you. My prayers will forever be with these families who lost pets, loved ones and their homes.

Exhausted eyes, but first REAL smiles we smiled all week.

Thankful for these two.

Fast forward to Friday the 24th... Will had planned a trip to Chicago for me, for the birthday. I will say that we were both debating this trip the entire week after what we had seen and gone through. The amount of emotional exhaustion can catch up with a person. Ultimately, we decided to still go. It was a good decision for us. We needed that trip, we needed our friends. Candice & Dave were perfect at showing us around town and giving us that at home feel while we were visiting. We cannot wait to be back in Chicago cheering on the Bears next football season...or maybe that's me wishing.- love those bears : )

Beautiful birthday bouquet

Birthday cuddles

Big bed for a wittle babes
Once we were back we were missing our dog SO much. We hung out with each other but we sure missed Shoba. Guess we are attached.... Wednesday night, (the big 28th birthday for me) we got to hang out with our favorite little blue eyed girl miss Brentli. We fall in love with her more and more everytime we see her. She is getting more awnry, but it's hilarious. She stayed up and hung out with us for a while that night. I love watching this little girl grow up, she is so special to the two of us. I went a little picture happy, what else is expected? I mean, I am her auntie. We got Shoba back on Thursday, he too, has been a little more awnry. Friday we had a date planned, however, mother nature had other plans. I set in the cellar for a good hour that night and yelled at W to get in the freakin' cellar, he's a jerk. Hung out with our neighbors which was fun while all of us were a little worried if we would be seeing another tornado hit our neighborhood.

I really don't know why we look so crazy mirror'd in this photo!
Saturday, W did yard work, praise Jesus for guys who don't mind that duty. We then decided later that night we'd go get some food. The Mont was my pick, the motorcycle ride was his. We had a good time, and ran into KC and her crew while we were there. After the mont, we met up with Eric and Alec and listened to some live music on a friends back patio. It was such a good time. We ended having a little slumber party at Eric and Michele's where we played wii and watched Eric imitate W's actions when we have people over at our place...meaning watched Eric fall asleep ; )
Sunday we took Shoba for a walk and had a little Logan's Steakhouse date, where I was reminded when I took a tiny bite of W's steak why I don't eat it... how do you people eat that crap? So chewy. I hate it. haha. We were supposed to take my nephew Zach out for a celebratory graduation dinner but he got sick :( but we are SO proud of that kid. Love all my nieces and nephews SO much.
P.S. i didn't proofread...SHOCKER!

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