Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Friendship expectations

I have some really great friendships. I feel like some of the ones I have just don't compare to everyone else's friendships. But then, within the last month, I feel like I've been wrong on that note. I feel like I've been in situations where I've told a couple of my friends some really personal stuff and they know I'm not a person who shares a lot and I'm the girl who just deals with stuff on my own. I feel like I've shared with them and it's like they don't really care about what's going on with me or my feelings. I can think of times where I've been there for these particular friends and now that I've needed them and reached out to them, they haven't been there like I was to them and that's hurtful. I don't know, just food for thought. Now, I will say that this paragraph of a blog doesn't pertain to ALL of my friendships but it does apply to a couple that I thought were pretty wonderful, and maybe they still are, maybe I just expected more from these people as friends when thinking about my friendships with them before.

I do want to say thanks to some of my really awesome friends who have been there for me lately when I really needed it. You have no idea how nice it has been to just be real and let you know how I feel and for you to just listen and give advice when needed. Most of my friends know that I'm private with my feelings so it's hard for me to lay them all out on the table. I think that any of my friends who are reading this can get an idea of which category they are in right now. Not that I categorize my friends but I think some times your expectations can be high when you know you have been there for a few friends the way you are/have been reaching out to them. Just stinks sometimes.

My life is a mess right now and I think I deserve a vacation from it all. But I'd like to bring my dog with me. : )

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