Monday, August 26, 2013

Photo Dump from the weekend

 Saturday Morning 12 mile run. I felt good, I also felt lost, as you can see, we begin our runs in the dark. You follow the people in front of you and just get your run on. I am such an emotional runner and I cannot explain to you all of the overwhelming feelings I got on this run. This was one of my longer runs so it was just really intense for me. I had to stay focused and stay at the training pace and sometimes it can be tough with all of the other runner by you. The worst part about the run was that my app was stopped at a water stop (my fault) I was trying to change the music and then I paused, unpaused, slid to the right, run ended, oh crapz! My watch synced the run, however, the nike plus website couldn't detect my watch because the app had already been synced. Cool story right? #runnerproblems .

As you can tell Mitch Park is a confusing course, there were so many optional sidewalks. I could have made so many more turns and taken different trails to change it up, but the whole starting when it's still dark doesn't help in trying to run and change it up. I can't see crap when it's dark out.

So I was feeling like death after my run. It was my own fault, I didn't hydrate properly and I missed one of my water stops unfortunately. Then as I'm stretching and questioning if and when I'll actually get up and walk the 100 yards to my car, I look over and instantly think "here I am hurting, complaing to myself in my head about how tough it was and look at this lady, she just did it pushing her baby. I mean 12 miles with a little guy. I hope that I'm that mom someday."
Just a little motivation.

My fingers looked like sausages, they were so swollen.

After the run, went and checked out Oklahoma River Sports. Pretty cool. I have been wanting to go for so long. The only thing I would have done differently is I would have gone on a day I didn't just run 12 miles. I was spending time in the heat when I was dehydrated already. Not a  good combo.


Hockey players are a little scared of heights.

View of the boathouse from the kayak

I rewarded all of my hard work Saturday with cupcakes. YUM!

I love my boy Shobeys.


Amanda and I danced our butts off to a 90's band at the deli. Fun night!

After party games.

This guy NEVER loses, but he lost 3 times in a row this night. Guess everyone has their bad days.

Woke up at Amanda & Kevo's Sunday morning &realized they're stocking up water for the zombie apocalypse.


Sunday evening went to a cookout at my bossmans house. Tons of good food and good company. Got home in time to watch Miley Cyrus twerk her booty on the vma's with my Shoba. He was shocked by her performance. I told him not to be so surprised, then he fell asleep from boredom of the rest of the awards show.  

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