Monday, August 19, 2013

River with the bestie

This weekend was SO good. Friday when I got off of work, my best friend, Paris, picked me up and we headed to the river. I was so excited! This was the first year I got to come with Paris and her people. Most summers I'm at Lake Texoma, but seeing that it hasn't been as fun going down there the past couple of summers I've stuck around home more. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE my home town, I just don't love that I no longer look forward to going down there after certain situations in life have come up. - Anyway, we laughed and talked the whole way there. I love that girl. We got to our cabin and unpacked her car and my lord, is that girl such a mom. I've literally never seen that many snacks. Our cabin reminded a couple of us of a falls creek cabin (with beer in the fridge). We made a fire and set around it until wee hours of the morning. We all woke up early and we were headed on our 12 mile adventure by 11. We floated fast. But we had such a good time. It was probably the best river trip I've ever had. No craziness and more just about hanging out with good friends and being roomies. haha, I say being roomies because there were 10 people staying in one big room, pretty funny! I'll be going back with this group in the future, well, if they let me tag along ;) .

Hey guys: Show some muscles...
annnnd our reaction
Kaitlyn: I can't see them
Paris: ahhhhhh yeahhhhh


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