Monday, August 5, 2013

Sutton's 1st birthday party, running clubs and relaxation

I'm not going to lie, I pretty much love my training weekend schedule. Not only do I feel more productive but I feel so much healthier. Friday night I went to eat at one of my favorite places Hollie's. I love their freakin' pork chop, I could eat one every single day and not be tired of it. They were advertising some pomegranate marg so I opted to get one. It was ok, I mean  I didn't drink but half, so clearly it was just ok... Or my taste buds, mind and body have succeeded at reminding myself  how much of a difference it makes when I run if I drink more than I really should. Either way, I should have just stuck with water. Stopped by Dick's on my way back home and got a few running tank tops that I absolutely recommend and LOVE for running in these Oklahoma temps. (plus it was tax free weekend so I could afford more than one haha) Got in bed early that night so that I could get up the next morning for my 6 mile run.

my favorite pork chop of ALL time

Saturday morning came early, but I had pre race running nerves and I couldn't understand why. My guess is that it was because this was a new running adventure. I tried to calm them but as soon as I pulled into Nichols Hills Plaza I felt them come back. Right now, I am on a specific training program so I am training a lot differently than I have in the past. I am running at a particular pace and that will change throughout my training. This is tough when you are used to running a certain way, but I'm learning. As the instructor/coach/main guy (whatever you call him) shouted out the pace groups, it was hard for me to not jump in with the 9 minute milers, but I waited like I was supposed to and then ran on my cue to go. Like the still asleep human being that I am, I started running in the dark and forgot two things. One, to turn on my music and then two, to start my watch. So yeah, after about a 1/2 a mile, it all clicked and it was like "hey, what are youuuu doing?". Anyway, I didn't make any friends in the running club :( , but maybe next Saturday. - probably not. Brat runners ; )

Kalhor & I were the only two dressed up for the Luau!

After the run, I rushed home, got a quick bite to eat at Jimmy's Egg and then went home and showered and got ready for Miss Sutton's 1st birthday party. I got to KC's house around 10 in the morning to help decorate. Thank God I haven't smoked a ciggy in a while because there is no way I'd be able to blow all the balloons up like I did. I felt a little weezy. (lil weezy, isn't that a rapper or something?) She was so funny running around the party entertaining all the guest who were there to see her. Very cute. I stayed and hung out with KC, Tosha, Lexy and Erin after the party and we just talked about all kinds of stuff and I'm pretty sure I owe KC and Chad a case of water because I was so dang thirsty, thanks guys!

Lovin' my new running tank top! - yeah they are a little see through but don't kid yourself, you'd  enjoy the mesh material if you were runnin' 9 miles in this heat too, so don't hate on my gear.

Sunday, I got up early, did the nine mile run that was extremely tiring and kicked my butt like Lake Hefner always does. Went to GNC to get some workout supplements from Mason on the way home, because after this weekends runs I realized I really need them. Once the run was over and I got home, hung out with Shoba in the air conditioner and enjoyed relaxing the remainder of the day. Missed church, but I hope to watch it online this evening. I'm really excited to know that there is being a Life Church built in Moore. Hopefully, I'll be brave enough to go by myself, for some reason, I just prefer having a person to go to church with rather than going solo. Who knows!

Lake (Death) Hefner, beautiful view, killer on the calf muscles and hard on the runner brain.
Not a cheap deal, but tax free and a little discounted, thanks Mason!

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