Friday, September 6, 2013

It's Friday so you know what that means...

- It means that I'm trying my hardest to get back on the "fill in the blank Friday" train. Slowly, but surely.

1. The first thing I do in the morning is figure out if I really want to get out of bed, if the answer is no (which it usually is) I press the snooze button at least 7 more times before rushing to get ready as fast as possible with 15 minutes to shower and get my breakfast (and still I always end up being late of course) if the answer is yes, I zombie walk to the shower, (usually run into the corner of my bed- i have the permanent bruise to prove this part to you), then blow dry my hair while my dog stares at me trying to figure out what the blowdryer is, and then I throw the clothes I'm wearing that day in the dryer (with the clothes I've left in the dryer) to "iron" them, stick my toast or eggos in the toaster, and it never fails as soon as I unscrew the lid off of the peanut butter suddenly Shoba creeps around the corner with the cutest face in the world appearing to look as though he's starrrrrving, then I rush out the door. Lately I have to add an extra step of waiting for oil to be put in my car, fun stuff.

2. Every night before bed I pray, I always pray, and talk to my mom, even though she's not around, is that weird? Nah, I just feel like if she could hear me, ya know, got a chance to get away from her mansion in heaven and hear me talk to her about things going on, then you know, she'd appreciate that I try to make time for her. Sometimes I'll read a book or my bible, then check instagram and set my alarm(s).

3. My favorite thing to do when I’m having a bad day is run and or have a glass of wine and a smoke while sitting on my patio. I haven't had one of the later options in a while because I'm in running mode.

4. Something that makes me cringe is hearing a person talk down to another person. You know, intentionally hurting another person with words. I just hate it, I think we are all deserving of respect, even if we are of a different class or social status, I think it takes a lot of hate in your heart to degrade others just because you think you are better than someone. We all make mistakes and we ALL have really great qualities, I just choose to look for the good instead of the bad.    

5. Social situations can be really awkward. You know the inescapable catch up talk when you run into someone you haven't seen in years at Wal- Mart when you are in a hurry or look a hotmess, the awkward pat/hug, the seeing an ex when you just got done working out or done with a long run and guess who he's with? His new pregnant gf and they are SO happy and look like they just got done taking engagement photos and all you wanted was some damn milk for your cereal - this has actually never happened, but I know one day it's going to because both of my exes have pregnant gfs and I know that they most likely shop at the same places because of our location of living and work, and the worse (which I have a blackbelt in) the forgotten your name introduction. What's funny is, I have encountered these awkward situations a ton of times and I always laugh so hard about the awkwardness, awkward can be fun sometimes. Other than those types of social situations, I'm usually all about being the girl who talks to everyone about nothing.

6. I like to collect  money... haha yeah right, I need to be a better saver, but I do like to collect loose coin, something tells me that I get that from my dad because he still does it, although, he's got a more organized way of collecting change, it's in separate antique dish things, you know pennies altogther and so on. I don't see me ever being that organized.

7. Weekends are for long runs, live music and football! Boomer Sooner & Go Bears!

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