Saturday, September 21, 2013

Love is in the air

You know what I like to see...

I like to see people in love. I don't mean crazy amounts of pda, but I mean I like to see when two people are investing their time and efforts in a relationship and you can just tell they are happy. As I get older (and boy I'm not getting any younger) I've been around a good amount of couples, some are just beginning to date, some have been dating for years, some are engaged, some are married and some are married with babies. It just makes me so happy to see that my friends are in relationships that fufill their emotion and physical needs. I think it's cute how some of the guys I've known my whole life are becoming vocal and proud that they have a special girl in their life. To see that these guys will go out of their way to do little stuff to remind the person they love that they aren't ashamed to be in love, makes me happy. Because let's face it, it's nice to get a little facebook post about how a guy is proclaiming to the entire social network that you are deserving of facebook post. (I don't have a fb but I remember thinking it'd be cool if the guy I dated acted like I was actually dating him) I like to see when my friends post pictures on instagram of them on date nights or out taking on a new adventure with their partner in crime. I like to be out with a couple and see a little flirtatious wink or small gesture showing that they are in love and not afraid to show it. I mean there are so many people around me in love right now and I like it. I love LOVE and love seeing my friends find that special person that makes their heart happy. I think everyone deserves that butterflies in the stomach feeling at least once in their life. So to all of my friends who are in love, engaged or getting married soon, GO YOU GUYS, I mean not everyone finds that person in their life time, some don't get a chance to start a life time with a person they are lovin' on due to certain circumstances, so I wish you many years of lots of love and happiness. I am just so happy that y'all have found that guy/girl that does it for you.

p.s. this post is inspired (inspired?!? ha, since i write such in depth meaningful things all the time?) by a couple that are getting married this weekend, so happy for you two! Happy wedding weekend, I cannot wait to see photos and I'm so sad I couldn't make it to celebrate the big day with you guys!

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