Monday, September 9, 2013

Weekend Madness

Seriously, this weekend zoomed by. I didn't feel like I got a moment to rest. (yet, I did) Friday night, I carb'd up on some Pei Wei, note to self, choose a different place this Friday. Got in bed by 9:30. My nerves got the best of me all freakin' night. I was very restless. I knew I had a 14 mile run to face the next morning and I was very nervous of how my body would take it. I woke up at 4:30 on Saturday morning and swallowed a liter of water. Tried napping another 45 minutes but again, my body was not allowing this. I read my bible around 5 in the morning and drank yet another liter of water. 5:30 came around and I was getting anxious (and hungry). I had a powerbar and some preworkout, mmmmm. 5:45 came around and the girls were at the house and we were off to get our long run in for the day. The girls did GREAT, me, not so much. I was not impressed. I felt like death. We all have our bad runs, well, so far, this run was mine.

Shobey and KC playing after our run

The rest of the day for me was hot, I was grumpy and so irritable. I hated it because I had told W that since I had purchased my Gentleman of the Road festival ticket a year in advance that I would go to the festival that evening with him. It's pretty tough for he and I and life right now, so me being so irritable and hot was not a good combo to add on to all that. I tried my hardest not to complain. However, when you have just ran 14 miles, the hardest thing to enjoy is walking around and being on your feet and 100 degree weather. We did stop at a lot of little Antique shops, I was in search of a ring but I ended up showing everything that my dad owned in these shops. He owns a bunch of antiques. It reminded me of my childhood and how dad would always have me tag along to antique stores.Once the sun went down I was able to sit and not complain as much. Once the Alabama Shakes came on, I was able to smile and enjoy the atmosphere. There's something about seeing the music you listen to all the time yet LIVE. Seriously, they sounded amazing. And Brittany, yeah, you can feel that she loves what she does. She blew me away, she does when I listen to her though, so it didn't come to such a surprise. I tried taking a nap while waiting for Mumford but apparently this idea was ludacris to W. I seriously could have killed him at this point. My body was exhausted. Once Mumford came in, I was in a better mood (again) so I got to pick and choose which songs I was able to stand up to try and see the guys perform. They were great. They covered the Beatles Come Together and With a little help from my friends. (Joe Cocker also sings this, Mr. Music Man, I know you are reading this thinking I'm in the wrong, I assure you , I am not) Pretty cool. I'm gonna go ahead and say that both bands sounded better live. I think that's really the only bands (well, other than the Black Crowes, that I can really say sound better live). After the concert, W & I debated entirely too long about if we would go out on the town, unfortunately, debating as long as we did, made us realize that 34,998 other people were at this festival and our indecisiveness got us absolutely nowhere and gave us an even later start then the rest. We opted to go back to the campsite, where I would lay down and immediately fall asleep. W stayed up and listened to music, drank beer and people watched.

Naturally, I fell in love with everything green.

Marked my territory, a lot bigger than everyone else too... go big or go home

nap break in the middle of downtown guthrie, ask me if care if anyone saw me? ... I didn't.

Roomies? haha.

I woke up super early Sunday feeling like the tin man. (stiff, needing some oil to feel a little more lively) I was sore, my body ached and all I wanted was my bed, my dog and my a/c. I was ready to get the H out of that place. It was fun, however, it would have been much more fun under different circumstances.

Everyone packed up early on Sunday. Yet there were still a ton of people sleeping in their tents too.

Oh yeah, my papa Harber made the Sunday Oklahoman, I was so proud to see the article.
Love him so.
The rest of Sunday, Shoba and I napped and watched the bears. It was a good Sunday.

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