Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Deal or no deal?

Top 5 dating deal breakers for this girl

1)      Funny guy - Wait, so you’re not funny, and you don’t laugh at things that are funny?!?... excuse me I have to take this phone call, oh it's my dad I have to take him to the hospital and cut our date short, yeah, I realize he lives in Madill and I don't have a car, but I'm taking a train, thanks for the wine. I mean if you could at least laugh at funny things then you would prove to me you have a sense of humor. You don’t have the “stupid things are funny” attitude and you take life entirely too serious, well, you’re out.

2)      Non believer – Do you believe in anything? God, ghosts, love at first sight, yourself? If you don’t believe in anything, it’s hard for me to think you are a real human.

3)      Kid Hater- Oh you hate kids? Well, I HATE YOU.  Byyyyye

4)      Your Mom- If she can’t be nice, I can’t either. This will never work (even if I am nice), but really, just trust me on this one.

5)      Cross Dresser – If you are a secretly someone who dresses up as someone of the opposite sex, I probably couldn’t deal (wo)man. You think it’s funny, but I read in the news earlier about a cross dressing bank robber and some of the people leaving comments were shocked. They had no earthly clue the guy had a secret life. First sign of red undies I find in your house, I’m out. If they aren’t yours, we still have a problem.

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