Tuesday, October 22, 2013


i LOVE Halloween. For some reason, I love dressing up, I love handing out candy (the good kind) to trick or treaters in the neighborhood, and I absolutely love acting like I'm brave enough to face scary stuff. - Clearly I'm not, I decided this weekend to get in the Halloween spirit and watch scary movies, let's just say after 30 minutes, I was praying that sleep would soon happen. I did decorate the house a little so that maybe this year I'll get more than 4 trick or treaters. When the kids don't come to my house, the candy ends up going to my belly. It would be real cool if it went to my boobs or booty, but um yeah, I'm not so fortunate.

I thought I'd share some of my favorite Halloween memories with you guys.

I remember being a cheerleader for seriously 4 years in a row. #poorgirlproblems

My least favorite costume was being an old lady. I don't know why I hated it so much because I remember looking in the mirror and thinking that I really did look like a grandma.

The funniest costume I can remember wearing is when I decided to be a pro ice (roller) skater. This didn't really work out like I had expected. I remember getting a TON of questions. What are you supposed to be? Well if that's what you are, why are you wearing roller skates? - To answer the dweeb who asked the second question... I didn't own ice skates and how many times have you tried ice skating on a paved road? ... EXACTLY

I've always had do it yourself costumes. #poorgirlproblems

I STILL wear do it yourself costumes. #poorgirlproblems

My favorite Halloween candy is a tie between candy corn & the black & orange wrapped candy that everyone else seems to hate. #winning

I haven't been able to let Halloween pass by without singing a song that I learned in the 5th grade. It doesn't even really have a tune and it's not that cool, but every Halloween I sing it. I'll sing it for you in person if you ask me to. But really, don't expect awesome, it's pretty lame.

I've never been anything "sexy" for Halloween. I would feel really weird I think.


My favorite Halloween movie is Hocus Pocus and a movie called The Witches. Apparently I have a thing with witches. #areyouagoodwitchorabadwitch

My least favorite Halloween movie is Nightmare on Elm Street. My brother once dressed up as Freddy Kruger and I've been scarred ever since... haha scarred, funny because he's got a lot of scars on his face.

I still won't play Bloody Mary (but I'll drink one, or 4) or play with a Ouija Board. #tooscary

I really enjoy carving pumpkins....and eating the pumpkin seeds. #alwayshungry

Pumpkin Beer is one of my favorites.

This year, my niece and I are going to have matching costumes.

I'm looking forward to my Halloween girls night at the house that I just planned today. Sorry boys, the girls have made their voices loud and clear, you guys are OUT! #sorryboutcha

This weekend Shoba and I found matching wigs. #wigginout

Look I'm Ariel

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