Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Ze glass is 1/2 full

So I got a lot of bullcrap going on right now, and it seems like a lot all at the same time, but I did get some good news last Friday at the doctor, so I figure that you can either find the negative in a situation or the positive. I'm gonna focus on the positive. The good news is that my doctor told me what's going on with my shin/calf/ankle/leg and after crosstraining for 4 weeks, I'm now in the clear to run again. Last night was my first night back on, and it still hurts, I did an easy 3.5 miles and then biked for about an hour. This will affect my marathon time and I know that but I'm just happy to be running again. 24 days til race day, things are looking up : )

From now on I'll be rockin' a taped up leg, maybe not pink, but K picked this out so it's just whatev ;)

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