Thursday, November 14, 2013

Malibu Marathon Girls Trip

Well I'm back to reality from California and hating every minute of it. My body is still recovering from running and boy does it HURT. I'm so exhausted, however, I knew what I'd be dealing with this time and I'm just glad that I'm taking it a lot better than I did last time. Last time I felt like I was dying, I still feel that way, but it's like "oh, I've felt this way before, it's nothin' "... The trip was so much fun. I want to do more of those kind of trips. The only thing I'd do different is take an additional day before the race to explore the place I'm vacationing at. All in all, tons of laughs and bonding with the girls and lots of time to appreciate the time away.

Day 1 - It was hard to hold in all the excitement on Friday. We all met up at the airport and we were carb loading and chatting over coffee as we waited on the plane to take us away. We landed down in California and then had to deal with Hertz car rentals (which was a big mess), Paris dealt with them though. After getting a little car sick, we made it to the hotel and got a late night meal in. We exchanged some gifts that we got eachother and then KC & I read and went to bed.

Waiting in the airport to head out.

So excited.

Road I.D. & Bracelet, on the inside of the gold braclet it said malibu sole sisters
We also got some super cute tank tops from Carissa but I have to take a picture and add it later!

Just like an old married couple..

Hotel View

Day 2 - We got up a little early and went to Starbucks. (Carissa's favorite, I thought it was mine, until I met her) We loaded up and headed to Malibu to get our packets. We took in the scenery and fell in love with the beach & sunshine. It's much warmer than the Oklahoma temperatures in November. After we picked up our packets and merchandise, we headed to Venice to see the sights of Venice. It's fun going with a person like Carissa, she'd never been and she's a small town girl, so watching her react in itself is pretty awesome. We decided to get our tattoos on this day because we had time, so now we can say we got tattoo'd on Venice, one of the weirdest places ever. It was clean I assure you....we think. But getting our tattoos early also meant we just committed once again to this race. We debated moreso then the others. We shopped around the beach and then headed back to the hotel for the grossest pasta meal ever. We carb'd up and got in bed pretty early.

Course map... Wish I had paid more attention to the elevation levels

New hat from registration day

This was our Corolla, our ride, we looked really cool in it.

I hope my kids run, these kiddos were so cute.

Venice tattoo

13.1 Tattoo

XXVI.II - can't wait to put my two dots underneath, pretty excited about it

Day 3- THE BIG DAY WAS HERE. I woke up at 3:00 and I could feel the nervousness in my stomach. I downed a powerbar and chugged more water. I started getting ready and prayed a lot. I begin to listen to music around 5:00 as I was eating my banana. We were all nervous, and we all have different ways of showing it. I noticed that Carissa moves around a lot when she's nervous, double/triple checking items she's taking with her. KC becomes extremely quiet, she gets herself together and just doesn't talk much. Paris takes her time when she's nervous, this is the same girl who is the most organized person I know, always on time, knowing exactly what she has, prepared with any item you might need, but when she's nervous, it's almost like she's the complete opposite and she's just in her own world. I sit, I put my headphones in and I observe. I think, I pray, I make one phonecall and then I think and try to mentally prepare myself for what I'm about to do.
We had to be on our designated buses by 5:30. This is where I would part ways with the other girls. My bus headed out so freakin' late, the race started at 7 and our bus didn't get us there until 6:51. That's really not the coolest thing. I started out running with a hot guy... not on purpose, but I was definitely ok with it. I ran with him for about 4 miles and then sped up, only to see him pass me around mile 9. (cool) My run was going really well, around 13.1 I was at 2:28, which isn't bad at all. Mile 20 came and I hit the wall. I was definitely tired around mile 16 but my body was done at mile 20. This is where it gets extremely hard to think positively, your body wants to quit and it's just so hard. My time was bad, but I was really ok with a janky time because I had a lot of obstacles during training. I was more than happy to finish. I finished and thought "oh, I can't wait until my shin heals completely so that I can began training for my 3rd". It's funny because my first marathon I couldn't even think about running a second and now I'm ready to be physically ready so that I can began training for a 3rd. Oh yeah, I'm crazy.

View while running

Look closely, you can see how swollen my body is, my fingers are like polish sausages. It's funny to look at but in reality it's not really a sign you want to see when running, google it, yeah I almost died ; ) Just kidding!

Should've considered shaving my armpits haha, ewwww.Whatev,I just ran a marathon.

This is what marathon feet look like... pretty huh?

Dinner, too bad running that race doesn't give you much of an appetite

Day 4 - This was our last day in California. My body was hating me. I woke up feeling like I got hit by a semi. I could not walk like a normal person. With that said, we walked to go get breakfast. Unfortunately, I could only walk to McDonalds. I needed a freakin' hovaround. Paris & Carissa had scheduled a massage, however, I couldn't imagine letting anyone touch me because I knew my body wasn't ready. While they got a massage I soaked myself in a 2 hour bath. IT FELT SO GOOD. Once the girls got back we got all packed up and drove to Hollywood. After walking around I decided that Hollywood reminds me of Las Vegas. Hollywood was fun, I wish we had more time to enjoy California, but it was time to get to the airport and FAST. We were running late, so late in fact that we didn't think we were going to make our flight. Anything that could go wrong, went wrong, but somehow we made our flight. We had a longer layover in Denver so we didn't get home until very late, but I missed my dog and apparently he missed me too, we cuddled as soon as I got home.

I love palm trees.

Hotel rooftop

Flying home, watching real housewives with my bestie, best flight ever.

My boy
All in all, we had so much fun, friendships were made, goals were reached and there were a lot of laughs. We plan on doing a trip once a year like this and we have already planned our next big race. We will be doing the Memorial Race in OKC. Three of us will be doing the half and Carissa will be doing her first full, I cannot think of a better place to run your first full.

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