Friday, December 6, 2013

Turkey Day, BK's 2nd Birthday & Friendsgiving

Thanksgiving was so wonderful this year, I started off the morning running with Paris in the gobble wobble run in Norman. I had stayed up the night before baking my little (turkey) tail off. I like cooking/baking, but it sure would have been nice if W would have picked up the ingredients I needed instead of me having to stop right tab in the middle of my work to go to stupid Wal-Mart. I'm not sure which I'm still bitter about, him being passed out on the bed when I got home knowing I still had at least 3 more hours of baking or the fact that I had to go to Wal-Mart on the night before Thanksgiving - talk about hell. Regardless, I baked .. and baked.... and baked more. I did enjoy some fine boxed wine while posing as Betty Crocker. Anyway, so gobble wobble, I'm almost positive I endured my first real sign of a cold coming on during the race that morning. Talk about finishing and feeling like your throat is bleeding and sneezing and it hurting and your nose running so much you are leaving slug trails. (isn't that a gross way to say snot runs all over clothes? my best friend said it over the weekend and I cracked up) W & I went to lunch at his mawmaw's and helped a little with the Christmas tree. Before too long, we headed down to Marshal County to have Thanksgiving dinner with the Ahtone's. This was the first time in a long time that we had everyone there and involved. It was fun sitting around saying what we were thankful for and laughing with them, my Ahtone family is a funny crew, so you can't expect to be around them and not laugh. I think it's a quality we all kind of share, there are always jokes.

Driving down the cul de sac to see my family, one of my favorite things

Brentli feeding her babes (ear)
After dinner, we headed to meet up with B Patt, Jamie & Adam for a couple of drinks at B Patts. Before too long, Hoss was snoring and we were out. The next morning, Adam, W and I had breakfast at the Country Kitchen. After that, the guys kind of did their own thing and I went to Mike & Myrna's for Thanksgiving #3. I love that family. Myrna and I always play catch up on the patio and talk about everything going on in life. I got to see Krys and baby B, and Cara & Jeremy's girls, MacKenzie  & Riley, sweet kiddos. I stayed and visited for 4 or 5 hours and just enjoyed that part of my heart that I missed out on. They are such a special family to me, people who took me in for a few months when I didn't have much hope and I was just a lost soul in a 16 year old girls body. Thank God for those people, I feel like God is building them a HUGE mansion because they are downright good giving God loving people. It puts a lump in my throat just typing about them, they really were the closest thing to a normal family "home" at that time in my life, and I will forever be thankful for God placing them in my life. He knows what he's doing. (just for all you doubters out there, I assure you, he knows)


Friday night was spent hanging with all the soldier creek people and semi prepping for Saturday, which was friendsgiving and BK's bday party. My little sweetheart turned 2 on Friday and I was ready to celebrate with her at McDonalds. But before we headed to Ardmore, I helped Whitney with anything she needed help with, which, really wasn't that much. She's a machine in the kitchen. She's a great cook and I loved being around watching her do it all and helping with the sides. We left right before dinner so that we could make it to BK's party. It was so much fun, Brentli had the coolest cake, a face painter and it seriously was such a cute party. My sister is the shit! I love watching her be Brentli's mom, it's really cool. After the party we went back to Soldier Creek and hung out for a little bit and then headed back Sunday morning, we both felt like death on our drive back.... it was just the beginning of a sick filled work week : (



We had so much fun hanging with the Harris girls, two of our favorites!


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