Tuesday, January 7, 2014

2013 was good but....

2014 is def going to be MY year. This time I'm for real. I know I said it the last couple of years, but I can actually feel  it this time. I'm ready for 2014. It's been a good 2013, I've learned a little more about myself, my needs, my wants, how my needs are and always should be above my wants. I finished up the year by purchasing my first ever brand new car, a car that I actually love, that I want to drive everyday. (well, for at least the next few years until I upgrade to my range rover, right babertz?) I ran my second marathon and actually have made a decision to do one at least once every 2 yrs until my legs fall off or don't allow me to do so. I've made some new friends, gotten closer with some of my best friends, grown a lot in my relationship with W after having to overcome some big potholes in the road, and I've let go of some friendships and feelings that were weighing me down.

W & I opted to stay in this New Years eve. He picked up a bottle of red and we I watched on t.v. as the ball dropped. Had to wake him up for my kiss. We also wrote date ideas on post-its and placed them in a mason jar that we will pick once a month so that we have a fun date to go on. I'm sure he thinks I'm super annoying for trying to be all mush, but I could care less!

Shoba: "mom, am I old enough to have some? "

Look how happy (fake) he is.

But seriously, I WOKE this little punk up, he's still sleeping in this photo and I can totally tell. What was I doing while he slept you ask? Oh I was drinking a LOT of wine, talking to my sister and then every once in a while I'd break out in song and scare my dog.

I've decided I'd share with you some of my New Years resolutions... it's a long list, hey, go BIG or go home.

Take a girls night at least once a month - whether it be dinner, face time wine dates, patio time, movie night or whatever, I just think it's good to hang with the girls.

Work out/Exercise at least 4 times a week - I've always been all about working out 6 times a week. I generally start getting burnt out on exercise, most likely because my body is tired, regardless, I thought I would aim for 4 times a week so that I don't get burnt out and focus more on my diet. I've already made some healthy choices meal wise and looked up a crap load of healthy recipes so it makes dieting not seem as bad.

Run a half marathon with a legit time

Unplug at dinner - W has jumped on board with me on this one too. While we are enjoying a dinner or drink together, we've decided to place our phones on silent and off the table and just talk to each other about the pointless stuff we talk about.

Go to church at least one Sunday a month - I really like life church, because I think it's awesome that I can watch it wherever and whenever during the week, they have an app, I follow the life church instagram and I think Pastor Craig is pretty great. BUT, nothing really compares to GOING to life church. I love the praise and worship and Sunday when W and I went I could feel my eyes filling with tears because I had missed the praise and worship part, the part where you pray with a group of christians and get to hear that there are life changes being made in the crowd. I need that, so I've made my decision to try and go more often instead of just watching from my laptop. W went with me, and I loved that too.

One date a month with my man

Mark 3 things off my my bucket list

Cook more for me & babertz (especially on the weekends) - I actually enjoy cooking for us, but on the weekends, we eat out almost every meal. I'm thinking maybe cut that down to, maybe dinner and breakfast.

Do one DIY project a month - I don't know if I mentioned this, but W & I took our creative to a whole 'nother level in 2013, most of our Christmas gifts were hand made, and we  I am all inspired to keep doing good ones so that one day when we move into our house I'll have cool stuff.

Be more consistent with this blog- Even though I've been blogging for 5 or so years, I still feel that I need to be better at it. Lately, I will only write a couple of paragraphs and then upload photos. That's not really a wonderful blog, I'll try to be better!

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