Wednesday, January 8, 2014

I'm a member of

... my own book club. This club consists on one member, guess who? You got it, ME! I read books and sometimes I discuss them on this blog, most the times I don't though. I find books that are great reads, then there are some that aren't and I wonder how I got through it. I thought I'd share a few that are on my list to read this year. Because I'm a HUGE nerd like that. (you're welcome)


30 Words is a devional that I've just purchased, it's yet to be delivered to my doorstep. As I said in my New Years resolution blog, I have made a point to go to church once a month, who would've "thunk" that on the first Sunday of the year that Craig challenges the church to pray for one word that God wants us to focus on for the year. Well, I prayed for it, and I got it. God wants me to focus on TIME. The very first scripture after praying was Ecclesiates 3:8 a time to love, a time to hate, a time for war and a time for peace. God just wants my time, and I know that I need to make time for God. I've recently began reading scripture and praying on my lunch break but I think this book will be helpful and I will learn more about God's love. Jarrid Wilson wrote THIS which you may see going around social media and I liked it so I'm excited to get this book started.

Talk about a 'change up', I go from reading about Jesus who is addicted to spreading God's word/love to this guy who is addicted to herion. I literally JUST started reading this book within the last week. And I've only read 2 chapters. Something tells me that if W didn't insist on watching tv while I'm reading in our bedroom that maybe I would've gotten past chapter 2. But I expressed myself on this subject just last night. (nice-ish?) I just feel like a t.v. in a bedroom should only be there for movie nights, not for everyday t.v. nights. I'm one of those people who could actually do without cable. I can't stand commercials, once they come on I lose interest in whatever show I'm watching. We don't have tivo/dvr obvs. When I watch tv, I'm usually renting an overpriced movie off of on demand. I'm also one of those types who can't focus on reading when there is noise around me. So, no more t.v. in the bedroom unless I'm not reading, sleeping, it's something other than another episode of Criminal Minds where some chick is getting robbed or raped, better yet, let's just take the t.v. out of our room. I'm a brat, I am very aware of this, but at the same time, I feel like there's a reason the BIGGER/FANCIER t.v. is in the living room. Wait? Isn't this post about a book club? rant over, you're welcome Wills.
Dang it Snooks, you get me every time. From your pickle shots, to your new fit body to being a mom, I'll go ahead an admit I'm a fan of you. So I'll probably have to see what she has to say. So far, I like the new healthier snooki who is livin' her mommy life.
I'm also currently reading a book I got for Christmas to try and figure out more facts about this crazy guy Shoba, that Wills and I let live with us. Everyday he's crazier and crazier. We love him though! Little jerk is living the high life as of late, we have just began feeding him raw chicken drumsticks, and he pretty much thinks he's the shhhh.
- I'm positive I'll be adding to my reading list, but this will give you an idea of what I'm starting out with this month. I hope to let you know if they are good or bad through this blog, but I'm not going to make any promises. Here are some of the books I read last year. (There are some others I read on my kindle fire that I can't remember the names of haha, but I promise they were good - i think.)




  1. Where can I sign up to borrow a few of these?!

  2. Girl anywhere. First, do you have a kindle? If so I'll have to share a few that way, but there are some I have the actual books, I like having books, I like the smell of the pages and I like to think (dream) that one day I'll have a room in my house that will be my own little reading room with lots of book shelves full of books.... ;)

    1. I do have a kindle! I prefer reading "real" books though. I'm like you, I love the smell.