Friday, January 17, 2014

It's only 8 a.m. and this is what I've already learned today:

These "life lessons/realizations"came to me after a road rage filled morning drive to work. These may not always apply to your life or road rage moments but if this type of situation happens to you then hey give 'er a go....

Mind you, I was running late for work this morning, probably about 10 minutes, I just couldn't seem to get it together. Anyway, as I'm driving down the same road I drive every other day (48th avenue south from Moore to Norman) I'm going a good 57, a little over the speed limit, and I'm not a speeder, however, I felt like it was justifiable since I was running a little late. As I'm approaching Franklin, I see a truck almost pull out in front of a car about 75-100 yds in front of me but instead waits for it to pass. I do not slow down because he can obviously see that I am still coming and he shouldn't pull out in front of me. Well, whatdoyaknow? He pulls out in front of me. (insert over dramatic eye roll) Of course he slams on his brakes. I am not one to follow a person on the tail end of their vehicle, but if you slam your brakes on me after you pull out in front of me, I am most likely closer than I would normally be. I precede to follow him until the next light about 1/2 mile. He is still doing brake checks. (me thinking "dude, I'm just trying to get to work") Once at the stop light, he's in the left lane to turn left, while I'm in the right to stay straight, and guess what? We are at eye level. I look over and he is leaned over his 15ish year old son signaling me to roll my window down. Here's how this went:

Me: (rolling window down) Good Morning Sir
Him: Lady, I kept hitting my brakes because you were following way too close

Me: You pulled out in front of me when I think you should have waited until I passed off of Franklin
Him: Yeah, I did that because you were going about 8 over the speed limit.
Me: (trying to find his logic) So you pulled in front of me because I was going faster than the speed limit? (insert annoying yet unreadable politeish smirk)

sidenote: his 15 year old son is clearly mortified his dad is even having this conversation with me and has frozen in the passenger seat and looking at me with these eyes that say "oh my gosh, this is pretty embarrassing"

Him: Look Lady all I am saying is you were following entirely too close and going over the speed limit
Me: Well sir, I'm sure you can understand that the reason I was going over was because I'm running a little late for work, if I were you I wouldn't have pulled out in front of a vehicle going over the speed limit and then slam on my brakes and do routine brake checks until the next stop light, and so I'm a little questionable as to why someone would do that. But again, I'm sorry you feel so angry on this.

Him: (Looking at me with Daggers in eyes) Lady, you SHOULD be sorry, you NEED to slow down, and STOP following me SO close, *biting his lips about what he wants to say next because he is obviously very upset*

Me: (I can see this is getting us nowhere, so let's agree to disagree) Well, it's a good things it's Friday! Let's all go and enjoy a good weekend! (rolling up window in hopes that it will somehow roll up faster!)

Here's what I've learned from this:

Wake up 10 minutes earlier so you don't have to speed

When in a heated argument, always rule out that the other person is a person who is smart and can make logical decisions (i'm still trying to figure out why you would pull out in front of someone speeding)

Once you can see that you have made another person angry, remember that it's FRIDAY (woot woot) ain't nobody gonna get me down on a Friday.

ALWAYS consider the people around you before reacting to someone who is angry with you. (i honestly felt bad for his son who was very uncomfortable about his fathers actions)

Always remember that the best weapon in arguments is the nice card. Me wishing him a happy Friday and good weekend made him REALLY freakin' mad. You'd think I told him to hit a tree, but nope I didn't. Now when he goes to tell someone the story he's gonna be like "and then you know what that lady said?... She had the audacity to tell me it's a good thing it's Friday and to have a good weekend!" (yep.... see what i just did there?)

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