Tuesday, January 7, 2014

I've been a little careless on my blogging, oops! But I thought I'd update you on the holidays and closing out 2013. We decided to go to the lake this Christmas instead of staying up here and celebrating. We spent Christmas morning at W's mom's place and that evening at my pop's house. It went really well and spending time with both of our families was a good time.

We decided to go to St. Louis on a whim on Friday. We would ski (fall) down the slopes and enjoy one last trip there since Bob & Alana are moving to Texas in January. We called up Candice & Dave, who at the last minute also decided to meet us in St. Louis. We had such a good time seeing them and cuddling with Dave the first night. Saturday, we got up and hit the slopes (no, literally, I HIT the slopes, HARD) and spent time drinking and enjoying the scenery. On Sunday we got back a little later than expected and it was totally my fault, it was my first Bears/Packers game to watch with Bob & Alana - a family divided ; )

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  1. Fun!!! I think you hit a homerun on this Christmas thing.