Friday, January 24, 2014

Thank goodness it's almost the weekend!

I took this from another blog because it’s Friday and I’m too brain fried to post anything of substance.
I am…job. - that's really not funny unless you've seen Mrs. Doubtfire.

I think…too much.

I should…exercise more.

I dream…BIG!

I want…a black and white dark room and the time to actually use it.

I know…what I know if you know what I mean.

I don’t like…coconut.

I smell…like dolce & gabbana light blue, but it's really "capri breeze" and it's only $4 at your local cvs, you're welcome.

I hear…the biebs went to jail...

I usually…get really grumpy if I don't have breakfast and coffee.

I search…all things using google, so much so that I often wonder how I survived without it.

I miss…living in Houston.

I always…prepare too much food if I'm hosting any type of gathering.

I wonder…where i'll be at this time next year, too often. Sometimes it just feels like "same song, different chorus"... sounds like I could use a vacay?!?

I crave... sweets on the weekends. It's hard to not give in.

I remember…how someone once told me the years go by faster as you get older and I didn't believe them, but now i totally believe them, how is it almost February? I feel like yesterday it was Thanksgiving.

I need…a vacation with a really cool person who is just down to relax.

I forget…people's last names (especially if they get married, I continue to call them their last names) addresses and birthdays. Sounds like someone needs a planner, but then I'd forget where that was too.

I feel…pretty, oh so pretty…

I can…run late for any and every thing!

I can’t…stand when people talk to me like I'm a child and they are the same age as me, it makes me despise them.

I am happy…when there's birthday cake (any cake for that matter) icing around.

I lose…my headphones once a week.

I sing…ok, but I can never remember the words to songs, so i sound awful, but that's the ONLY reason I sound awful ;) .

I listen…to my iPod all the time, I hate the radio.

I shop…online.

I eat…a shit ton of peanut and almond butter.

I love…my family!

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