Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Weekend Fun

W & I are on the go ALL OF THE TIME it seems, but we love it. Friday, Alana & Bob were in town for a work banquet, after work we came home and got ready to go to bricktown to hang out with them. W's mom stopped by and hung out with us for a little bit before we all headed downtown. Once we got there we all enjoyed a drink at Mickey Mantle's . We then moved on to the Skirvin to hang out. It was a fun night!

Limo Ride to the Skirvin... 2nd Limo ride ever, you can see by my smile I like that life

Saturday morning we all got up for breakfast and then I convinced Will & Paula to come antique shopping with me. Will really didn't feel like coming, but in nice words I reminded him who was driving ; ) . We went to the Oklahoma City Farmers Market. I didn't end up getting anything, but Will had his mind made up and next thing I know we now have a cast iron fire pit. Pretty cool. That evening we met up again with Alana & Bobby at The Library . They had DJ, bob's little brother and Aria with them, fun times and great company. We all enjoyed some good eats and I had a couple of beers, they were pretty tastey. Wills and I met up with Eric & Bailey at The Brewhouse for some more good beer. We had fun laughing with those guys and realized we should hang out on main street a little more because it was laid back and our style. We called it a night fairly early and got home and watched Forgetting Sarah Marshall.


 The set of bowls I want... but they are $85 each : /

I love antique shopping, get it from my dad!

Cute kids!

Sunday morning, Paula came over and we went to church again. I really wanted her to experience the church that we go to. She ended up loving it, of course she did, it's the best! That evening I made a quick trip to Ardmore to meet up with my pops, Marge, Chandra & B. We watched Saving Mr. Banks . My sister & I grew up on Mary Poppins so we had made a promise we wouldn't watch it without eachother. It was good, I cried. (baby) I got home and took Wills to get a blizzard from DQ (never again, the line was ridic) and then watched him act like he'd never eaten a blizzard before. He's now informed me he's hooked.... so I guess that means he thinks the long line was worth it. Whatever have fun eating them punk, I'm still trying to eat a little healthier so I guess I'll just watch you eat one. haha.

Ok I NEED to know if any other chicks do this, take a look off pinterest and copy it with the clothes you have?!? I told Wills this and he found it humorus, I didn't get it... :(

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  1. That's crazy that those bowls are $85!!!! I found a few at a garage sale last year for $25 total. My mom has a set that she received as a wedding gift in 1979. I love them! I'll keep my eye out for you.