Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Weekends should be a little longer

So last weekend my sister came up on Friday. As soon as she got in town I was heading to the gym so she met up. I've been trying out a new gym so she and I got a free week pass and got our workout on. Before I go into my weekend events that I know you guys are just DYING to read about can I just take a minute and say that I am SO proud of my sister! She is so motivated and I could not be more proud of her hard work and determination, you go girl! We worked out, then ate, then made a quick run to target and dicks sporting goods. 

Saturday morning we got up pretty early and worked out again! Go us right?!? Right! We went and had a meal replacement shake then she had a shower to go to so we parted ways. It was pretty out so Shoba got a little playtime in at the dogpark then got a little stroll in around campus while I went to grab a birthday gift. That night my bosses wife had her birthday at their house. Her husband had hired the folks at wine & palette to have a private party in the comfort of their home. My painting sure could have turned out a little better but hey I'm no Picasso. 

W picked me something to make into a yard wine tree (I really don't know what you call these things) but I though it was awfully thoughtful and cool of him to do, so thanks Wills! 

Betcha can't tell which one is mine?!? (Clue: it has a canoe that resembles a brown banana in the water) 

Sunday morning I rushed downtown to Harkins theatre (or is it theater? I never know... Google?) to catch a movie. We watched August: Osage County, and what can I say about that movie, hmmm, it was great acting. I probably just wasn't really in the mood for that type of movie that day (or any other day) or maybe I would've been more into it if I had read the book. (But it not likely that I will now that I know the ending) After the movie, we went to iguana grill for some fish tacos. Then we were craving a cupcake, it wasn't the best food of choice for this health kick we were all on but "when in Rome" what the heck?!? It was totally worth it, thank goodness we were in Rome. ;) 

We ran to Academy & Wal Mart so the girls could get some Thunder-wear since they were going to the game. W & I ran them downtown and had some beers and pizza. (Again, not the best meal choice) We got home and got a mini workout in playing the wii. I was pretty much worn out so I called it a night pretty early.
That's right Cha, you left your gameday pics at my place, my dog tried eating it, but I saved it kind of?!? 

Cha had stayed the night Sunday night so on Monday at 5 we rolled out and went to the gym. She dropped me off and then went to grab us a shake, um hi will you move in and do that everyday?!? 
Great start to the week already on this fitness plan that I'm working on everyday to change into a legit lifestyle. Even worked out with Amy tonight! (Still sorry I was late, I wish I could just be on time but it's like my body isn't programmed that way haha but seriously?!?) 

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  1. Stop with the apologizing! I'll be late sometimes too! :) Love the banana boat!